Stop Cryin' Your Heart Out

Album: Heathen Chemistry (2002)
Charted: 2
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  • This song is about memories, and how if you forget about them they will come back when you need them: "All of the stars are fading away, not to worry, you'll see them someday." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Brandon - Sudbury, Canada
  • Many English soccer fans found comfort in this as their team crashed out of the 2002 World Cup to Brazil (the title says it all).
  • This was the second single from the band's 5th studio album.
  • Written by Noel Gallagher, it features his brother Liam on lead vocals. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Stella - Stamford, CT, for all above
  • The video was shot in London, England. In the uncensored version, near the end of the video a woman takes a full gas can and douses herself in gasoline, then holds a lit match in her hand. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Logan - Troy, MT
  • This song plays at the end of the movie The Butterfly Effect when Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart pass in the crowded city street. It adds to the chilling ending to the movie. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Erin - pittsburgh, PA
  • British singer Leona Lewis covered this song on her 2009 album, Echo. The 2007 X-Factor champion explained why she chose this track in an interview with Canadian newspaper Sun Media: "What people don't know... is that I'm very into rock bands," said Lewis with a giggle. "I love Oasis and I did a cover of Snow Patrol's Run on the repackage of the first album in the UK, and that did really well. And I wanted to do another cover on this one. Originally, I was going to do, like, Wonderwall or something. And (mentor) Simon (Cowell) was like, 'Do Stop Crying Your Heart Out.' And I was like, 'It's amazing. Yeah, let's do it.' I was a bit scared at first. I was like, 'Maybe I shouldn't do an Oasis cover, 'cause their fans are like hardcore.' But it's a great song."
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Comments: 7

  • Neil from Birmingham, United Statesthis song is about some one experiencing the worst scenario they ever imagined and some one telling them to get up and get on with it because everythin just might be ok. could be directed at him self.and the friend just might be his 'friend' Great song. Noel just seems to churn them out.
  • Rachel from Hampshire, Englandfits perfect for a friend that passed away, always think of her when i hear this song! its so fitting
  • Paul from Redditch, EnglandIt does bring flashbacks to the 2002 World Cup, and shouting "for f**k sake jump Seaman you useless git" as Ronaldhinio's free kick sails over is stupid pony-tailed head!
  • Rahul from Ottawa, CanadaNoel Gallagher said that he wrote this song with a friend of his in mind.Apparently,this friend was going through a difficult period in his life and Noel wrote this song with him in mind.And yes it's also true that many English football fans derived comfort and consolation from this song after England crashed out of the 2002 World Cup at the quarterfinal stage.
  • Greg from Erie, PaSorry, J&J, Oasis didn't do that. That was on a mashup album called American Edit. The guy just used Wonderwall in it. Dee-dee dee!
  • Jack&jill from Went Up The Hill, DenmarkOasis actually remixed the Green Day song Boulevard of broken dreams. pretty cool . . . . .
  • Erin from Pittsburgh, PaThis song is played at the end of the movie The Butterfly Effect, when Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart pass each other on a crowded city street. It is the perfect ending to the chilling movie.
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