Kiss You

Album: Take Me Home (2012)
Charted: 9 46


  • This song was crafted by Savan Kotecha, Carl Falk and Rami Yacoub, the three-man songwriting team who penned One Direction's US top ten hits "What Makes You Beautiful" and "Live While We're Young."
  • The song has a live band feel. One Direction's Harry Styles told before they started work on Take Me Home: "We want to have a little bit heavier guitars, bigger drums, more of a live feel, because that's what we like doing."
  • The album title is taken from the laid-back chant on this tune that goes: "If you don't want to take it slow and you just want to take me home. Baby, say ye-ee-ay-uh!" One Direction's Niall Horan told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM show that the quintet came up with the album's title themselves: "We thought about it for a while," he said. "Because we all would do a lot of traveling around the world and we get to see a lot of cool places, but the main thing is There's no place like home. It's always kind of nice to go home."
  • The song was released as One Direction's official second single from Take Me Home in the US. Liam Payne explained the choice to MTV News. "With the album, that's the first one that we listened to and we were like, 'Yeah, we love this song,'" he said. "It holds a special place in our heart, I think for this album, and it kind of sets the tone I think for the album."
  • Take Me Home entered at #1 in over 32 countries including the United States. In landing at the summit on Billboard's Top 200 Albums chart, One Direction became the first British band to have their first and second albums both debut at the summit in the US.
  • Both Up All Night and Take Me Home sold over a million copies in the US in 2012. In doing so, One Direction became the first act since 2005 to have two newly-released albums sell more than a million in a calendar year. The last artist to achieve that feat was Kenny Chesney in 2005. Both Be As You Are: Songs From an Old Blue Chair and The Road and the Radio clocked over a million sales during that year.
  • One Direction reunited with their "Little Things" and "Live While We're Young" video director, Vaughan Arnell, for this song's colourful video. It was shot on the George Lucas stage at Elstree Studios in North London, where Star Wars was filmed. Arnell told MTV News his aim for the clip was to show off the group's comedic timing. "It's giving them a playground to play in," he said. "We took it to the next level [from the 'Live While We're Young' clip]. The boys have always been themselves and for this one they're playing characters. The idea was it gave them a bit more of an extension to perform in the video. Basically, you kind of write little ideas and then you give them a few pointers but then they sort of take over. And they just make it their own, which I really like. They're very entertaining."

    He added that the quintet all displaying their own senses of humor throughout the video without too much direction. "They've all got their own kind of [thing]," he said. "Harry might do sort of different poses and Louis will throw in this mad dance now and again, Niall just pulls these brilliant faces, Zayn just sort of throws a curveball at you when you're not expecting it and Liam just does this kind of straight thing, has a really funny straight man in the whole thing," he explained of the fivesome. "There wasn't one of them that didn't stand up to the bar."
  • The song's beachy, vintage vibe inspired Arnell to pay homage on the video to heartthrobs from another era. "It felt really kind of Beach Boys, almost like a 50's B-movie," he explained to MTV News, "like a 50's surfer B-movie and then I think 'How can we do that?' And then I was thinking like the cult surfing films and how we can take almost all that kind of almost like a Elvis Presley Blue Hawaii and the Jailhouse Rock, mixing up all that ... it was kind of taking all that fun and all that tongue-in-cheekiness and mixing it up with a bit of Hollywood meets British cinema."
  • One Direction encouraged their fans to watch the music video on January 8, 2013 in the hopes of breaking the one-day view count record. According to VEVO it clocked up 10.4 million views but just missed breaking the record held by Justin Bieber's "Beauty and a Beat" (10.6 million views on October 13, 2012).


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