Album: Clumsy (1997)
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  • The title has two meanings. The song was written at 4 in the morning, and lead singer Raine Maida's father's initials are A.M., so it's "For A.M."
  • From an article in the Edmonton Journal, February 9, 2000: "Put Raine Maida on a stage in front of thousands of fans - even those of angry Scottish variety - and he relishes the experience. Put Maida on that same stage in front of his father, and the singer would rather escape into the wings. It doesn't matter if Maida's father is enveloped by hundreds of others - the devilish, brooding frontman of Our Lady Peace still doesn't feel at peace with his dad around. Despite six years of touring, Maida only discovered his discomfort last week, a few days after the launch of Our Lady Peace's national tour for Happiness...Is Not A Fish That You Can Catch. Following the moody rock band's show in Toronto, Maida knew he wasn't happy with his performance, but couldn't quite put his finger on the reason. It finally dawned on him during the band's subsequent gig in Montreal. "Every time I have to play Toronto, I know my dad is in the crowd and it basically destroys me," says Maida. "This time, I felt like I couldn't even speak properly. I just realized (my discomfort) after the show in Montreal, because it was such a great show. It felt so much more comfortable. I don't know why I'm telling you this.... It was a little bit of an epiphany for me, I guess." >>
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  • Amber from Edmonton, CanadaIf you watch the video the song is about racism the son is black the father white "Blame myself for being too much like somebody else" and maybe suicide because at the end of the video the sonis laying on the ground with the coat over his head and then the our lady peace people take him away in there car and the son and the father neglect each other but they throw away the letters they were going to send to one another.
  • Joe from Mentor, OhThis song is obviously about Raine's problems with his father when he was younger the title 4 A.M. stands for (For Adam Maida).
  • Chantell from Delta, CanadaShortly before my GREAT grANNy passed away and even the couple years since this song has been a source of strength in my life. Some would say that I needed to let go. That when I let go she would be able to as well. This song gave me the strength to say "I can let you go if you need to, I know how much you love me and it will last forever". Within hours of that my grANNy passed away. She had held on 4 years longer then anyone even doctors believed to be possible.
  • Christopher from Miami, FlThis song has been a major part of my life for the past six years, i lost my younger brother to cancer, and this song was my only comfort. i wrote the band a letter, gave it to them, they played it for me onstage. i then got to hang out with them on their bus and talk abou the meaning of the song for me. all the guys in the band are amazing human beings. i will always treasure our lady peace.
  • Dan from Washington, Dcthis is an ok song
  • Seth from Simpsonville, ScThis song is obviously about Maida's rocky relationship with his father.
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaI love Our Lady Peace. Raine Maida has the greatest voice ever. This song is one of the best songs from this album.
  • Chantal from Liverpool, Canadathis song is so unique, Raine Maida's voice is amazing. truly one of my favorites.
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