Automatic Flowers

  • Lead singer Raine Maida started writing this by thinking about a woman who lived alone in her apartment. She had little going on in her life, and the apartment was dingy, without much of a view. She had boxes from her childhood, and one day she took out a pop-up book and opened it to a garden with pop-up flowers. Whenever she wanted to cheer herself up, she opened the book. He didn't put the entire history in the lyrics, just traces of it - "Crying, crying/She couldn't afford the view/Crying, crying/These automatic flowers won't do." >>
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    Chrissy - Vancouver, Canada

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  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaThis is my favourite song from Clumsy, partly because it brings back a lot of memories anywhere from a couple months ago to five years ago. The best vocals out of anything Raine Maida has done is from Car Crash, also from Clumsy. it is my all-time favourite CD.
  • Tras from Cleveland, OhI had heard once that women get flowers as they leave abortion clinics, and thought this song was a tale of such an incident.
  • Jer from London, CanadaI always thought this song was about a woman who was incapible of feeling love or loving any thing so, to her giving or receving flowers is just automatic and with out meaning. oh well OLP IS AWSOME!!!
  • Kristen from Campbellville, CanadaI love his songs, there meanings are a little hard to figure out, but when you do its amazing. Just the songs are all so different, you like each one for different reasons.
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