• Lead singer Raine Maida said: "There's a connection between the song 'Clumsy' and it being the title of the album. There's a line in the song that says: 'I'll be waving my hand/watching you drown/watching you scream', it's about seeing something but not seeing it for what it really is. It's about decisions. That image of 'waving your hand/watching you drown,' is about seeing someone in the water, they're waving at you, and you're just waving back, not realizing that they're drowning. Or you think they're drowning, but they're just waving at you. It's those weird situations where you just take something at face value, but you can be so wrong. You have to look deeper and question things. I think it's something that too many people don't do these days. We're so inundated with the f--king media, and you just believe it. How many times, not just to focus on us, have we read an interview or an article where we've been completely misquoted? We're just some small band, when you think about some of the major players and you really have to question how true it all is." >>
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  • In 2012, Our Lady Peace lead singer Raine Maida told Songfacts that this song still felt important to him, even though it was over 15 years old. Maida elaborated by stating, "I have to say, for whatever reason, most of the stuff that I've written about seems to still have a lot of relevance to me."

    Maida says he's asked all the time whether or not he gets sick of playing the same hit songs (such as "Clumsy") over and over again. The answer is always a defiant "No." Maida explained, "There are songs that we'll never play just because they don't feel relevant; they don't feel authentic to us, which is fine, because I think every band probably has some of those songs. But we're not one of those bands that aren't going to play one of our hit singles just to spite people or whatever. That's just not in our thinking. We don't operate that way. So we're lucky, I guess."
  • Our Lady Peace frontman Raine Maida said performing the Clumsy album in its entirety on tour in 2010 seemed "a little scattered to me." Maida says there were a few songs on that album where he felt OLP missed the mark, but added "But hey, that's life, you know?"

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  • Bigboisad from Ming Pani thought that this song was about a stalker
  • Pete from AmericaI always felt this song was about a friend who was getting out there on meth. Songfacts kick ass
  • James from Palm Bay, FlYou really do need to have a friend. Our Messiah said,"I call you a friend and friends know what they are about."
  • James from Palm Bay, FlRaine read some letters I gave to Shannon a DJ at WKDF in the late 1980's early 1990's,especially the letter to Senator Sasser about floods the likes of which we've never seen,hail,tornadoes,etc .At the end of Clumsy there are 4 or 5 and Jim Old ham and Jim Oldham ...Go to or
  • Steel-bender from Columbus, OhThis song is about waking up in a different hotel room every day, dealing with fake people every day, and loving and appreciating your friends and family, but I interpret it totally differently! Many of these songs are about being on tour and becoming so jaded!
  • Billy from Calgary, CanadaThe first time I heard this song I thought it was about bullying, mostly cause of the lines "There's no one laughing, you will be safe in here" which means the listener has found someone that cares about them.

    The other part which is how you need a friend as clumsy as you are, so two losers can sort of be happy together.
  • Brian from Vancouver, CanadaIm pretty certain I know what this song is about. I think its about people or someone whos maybe made some poor choices (partied too much, tried some drugs etc) and now theyre paranoid about something, whether its inside themself or whatever. I think the song is basically just a message to try and get through to someone who may be a bit of a basket case, pothead etc etc who is a bit toubled. I think its basically trying to get through to someone that NOTHINGS WRONG, NOTHINGS WEIRD ABOUT YOUR LIFE, YOUR NORMAL.
  • Kira from Edmonton, CanadaI think this song is about getting support from another person (a friend, etc.) "as clumsy as you've been, there's noone laughing; you will be safe in here"
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScThe date of release according to the songfact says 1997. That sounds about right. I was born in 1988, and I remember being around 8 or 9 years old when hearing this song. My mom, sister, and I listened a lot to this kind of music.
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScThis is a great song. I first heard it was I was younger, and I paid tattention to the lyrics, but didn't analyze them. I remember at that time thinking the chorus was really strange, lyrically. That was the part of the song that really stood out for me.
  • Alistair Kearns from Vancouver, CaThis is an awesome song, i saw these guys live, if you havnt make sure you go to their concerts on their healthy in paranoid times tour.
  • Dan from Washington, Dcwell Heather id have to say you might be wrong (actually your right but i have to post this funny thing) i think hes so clumsy that he actually falls from his old shoelace know he has to throw it away ! =)
  • Savannah from North Van, Bc, CanadaI like the emotion that Raine puts in that song. Its good. Plus hes hott.
  • Nicole from Scranton, PaI think Hes saying if everyone was more forgiving when it comes to clumsiness there would be less "drowning".Everyone makes stupid clumsy mistakes.Even me!!!!
  • Rob from Wantagh, NyWhen the band performs this song live and they sing the song about waving, the whole crowd usually waves their hands along with the lyrics.
  • Heather from Mead, Nei think this song is about getting rid of the things that hurt you. like the line that says " throw away this very old shoe lace thats tripped you again." thats just saying to git rid of that old girlfriend or boyfriend if the've hurt you again. awesome song!!
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