Window Seat


  • This song is an example of how Our Lady Peace challenged themselves while making Curve. When we spoke with OLP guitarist Steve Mazur in 2012, he said, "There are definitely some songs on the record where we're stretching into some very new ground." Mazur went on to explain that "Window Seat" is one tune that takes OLP to an entirely different place.
  • This song is based around some very dreamy guitar sounds and swells. Steve Mazur told us how it came together: "When we started making this record, we recorded a few songs, and a fellow named Jason (Lader), who actually ended up producing the record with us, came in, heard what we were doing, and said, 'Why are you guys making music like this? It's not the kind of music you listen to or love.'

    So we trashed what we were doing, decided to bring him on board to produce the record with us, and we had a big discussion about challenging ourselves and really moving into some new ground and how to do that specifically. One thing we said was that we've got to challenge it from the bottom up - rhythm parts, chord progressions, guitar parts - the sonics of the record.

    For that song specifically, Raine kind of said, 'Go write me a chord progression that's something that we would not normally use.' So I went out and listened to a bunch of Bowie stuff and analyzed it. I had that progression and brought it in. It was something really new for us, so we kind of just built it around that in that song."


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