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Album: The Rhythm Of The Saints (1990)
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  • Paul Simon wrote this song about his experience with the potent psychotropic Amazonian brew ayahuasca. He told Billboard magazine: "Ayahuasca has always been there. Nobody outside of the Amazon knew anything about it. And there are several main sets of healers that use ayahuasca. I wouldn't say that it heals - but I wouldn't say that it doesn't. It seems to work sometimes for some people, seemed to really not work for other people. I'm not a proponent and I'm not a detractor. I just wrote the song because this had been my experience."
  • Simon co-wrote the track with Milton Nascimento, who also contributed some vocals. The Brazilian singer-songwriter and guitarist has collaborated with a number of other US and UK artists including Duran Duran, with whom he co-wrote and performed their 1993 tune "Breath After Breath."
  • Former King Crimson guitarist Adrian Belew played the synthesizer on this track. He also worked with Paul Simon on Graceland.

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  • Nomadicpsyconaut from North AmericaI’ve always had a strong affinity to this song. After my own experience with the herbal brew I instantly understood what the song was about. The DMT does connect you with your perception in ways that can’t be effectively articulated. Hand going numb, feet feel lead, then hearing the world breathe is a standard experience and was life altering for me as I hope it was for Mr. Simon.
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