Dig a Little Deeper

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  • This rocker was conceived when the trio were in Berlin promoting their 2009 album Living Thing. "We were looking for a record store that John had heard about called Dig a Little Deeper," explained singer-guitarist Peter Moren to Spin magazine. "On the way we walked by this art exhibition called 'All Art Is Contemporary.'" This inspired a line that became the song's centerpiece lyric, and which Moren feels is a false promise: "I always find that the answers to today's riddles are in what happened yesterday," he countered.
  • Musically, Moren told Spin the song's lead riff references Texas R&B group Archie Bell & the Drell's hit "Tighten Up." Said Moren: "We wanted to get a thin, spiky sound, so we recorded the drums in the kitchen and the guitar in the hallway!"
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