Second Chance

Album: Gimme Some (2011)


  • This cowbell-infused jam features Peter Moren singing lead. However, the song evolved from a lyrical and melodic idea of bassist Bjorn Yttling. "It's about someone living in the past, not wanting to get rid of his excessive baggage, always sticking with his usual ways and not realizing that the glory days are over," explained Moren to Spin magazine. "Everyone writes lyrics in this band, then we all fix the song up together. If one guy writes the melody, then another writes the riff or drums. We swap instruments. There's no leader in this band."
  • Instrumental parts of this song are used as the opening theme and incidental music for the American TV show 2 Broke Girls. The show is a fast-paced sitcom where they try to cram a lot of jokes into their 22 ½ minutes, so the intro is only about 10 seconds long and the music coming in and out of commercials is also quick to allow more dialogue. The song works perfectly for the show because it is so identifiable in short, instrumental bursts.


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