Blood Of Eden

Album: Us (1992)
Charted: 43
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  • Peter Gabriel puts a romantic relationship into biblical context on this track, which is about trying to work through a failing relationship by making love. The blood of Eden runs through woman and man, making it a natural, sensual act.
  • Gabriel used the image of the Garden of Eden because it was a time when man and woman were in one body, a state they have been trying to get back to ever since.
  • Sinead O'Connor, who also appears on the Us track "Come Talk To Me," sings on this with Gabriel. For his Secret World tour, which began in 1993, Paula Cole, who had yet to release her first album, took on the female vocals.

    Songs of this nature require tremendous sensitivity so as not to sound smarmy, but Gabriel could make that connection. "He puts out content according to a lunar cycle," Cole told Songfacts. "He's always embracing the feminine."
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  • Roberta Trevisan from S?o Paulo, BrazilThis one is so beautiful and it's interesting... there's no controversy on this one, just "Sledgehammer" and "Kiss That Frog"... lol
  • Eric from Cincinnati, OhThe song appears in Wim Wender's 1991 film, "Until the End of the World." I'm not sure if Peter Gabriel wrote the song specifically for the movie; but other artists including U2, REM, and The Talking Heads did compose original scores for inclusion in the film, so it's very possible.
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