Come Talk To Me

  • Gabriel wrote this 7-minute track about the difficulty he had communicating with his daughter. The song is an invitation, asking her to "unlock this misery" and come talk to him.
  • Us alluded to the turmoil in Gabriel's private life at the time, and this song specifically addresses his younger daughter Melanie, with whom relations had become strained after he moved out of the family home into a nearby cottage with Rosanna Arquette.

    Mojo magazine asked Gabriel if the album helped communicate and heal or did it add fuel to the fire? "I don't know," he replied. "My ex-wife is now a very good therapist, and we joke sometimes that I gave her the fuel and incentive! I'm not conscious that the record was specific therapy that allows you to externalize what's going on inside and I always find that helpful."
  • The opening track on the Us album, "Come Talk To Me" opens with the sound of bagpipes, which were played by a piper from England named Chris Ormston. Gabriel used bagpipe sounds on his 1980 track "Biko," but he made those with a synthesizer.
  • Sinéad O'Connor is the female voice on this track. She also appears on the Us song "Blood Of Eden."
  • Gabriel used this song to open his Secret World Live tour in 1993-1994. A very theatrical performer with a penchant for props, Gabriel would emerge from a phone booth and sing into a telephone, extending the cord as he tried to connect with Paula Cole, who did the female vocals on the tour.

    Two shows on the tour from Modena, Italy were compiled into a the video Secret World Live, released in 1994.
  • Sugarland performed this song on their 2018 tour. The song was written before smartphones, but the duo felt the concept was more relevant than ever in an age when there are few barriers to communication, but little substance in the transmissions. In a Songfacts interview with Kristian Bush, he explained: "Jennifer and I are having an experience as parents, and an experience as adults and friends, where we're watching people spend more time communicating than I've ever seen people spend. Like, constantly going back to their phones. If they're not texting or typing, they're reading, they're absorbing. And it seems like there is so much communication, but no one is talking. And one of the things that we like to do as a band is remind you of the power of songs, because they have affected us."

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  • Stuuka63 from St. Augustine, Fla.Went to his show in Orlando, Fla.way back when.
    My/ gf was like please take me to see Peter Gabriel.
    I was like remember where I parked, come on out when it’s over.
    Mind blow, I went back inside n this guy tore it the floor.
    Maybe one of the greatest shows ever.

  • Frank from Cambridge, MaI admire Gabriel for his candor. The panned phone righs made much more sense when I found out what the song meant to him. There was a month or two when I'd go through withdrawals if I didn't watch "The Secret World" video every day. I think that was his best band. And it's good to see another Manu fan. His unique and subtle style causes him to be underated at times.
  • Grayson from Cleveland, Ohextremely beautiful song. the concert performance of it was incredible. so was the whole Secret World tour.
  • Rue from Vancouver , WyStill brings tears to my eyes. Manu is the drummers drummer.
  • Lauren from Bensalem, Pawhat are they saying in the chanting that you hear towards the end of the song?
  • Jenny from Chicago, IlDuring the tour, with this song he had phone cords stretched everywhere by the end of the song
  • Travis from Somwhere, United StatesGabriel's daughter Melanie, for whom the song is written, went on to sing the song with Gabriel on tours supporting th Up album.
  • Derek from Esperance, AustraliaBrilliant song, opened his "Secret World" concert. I think the live version is best.
  • Alan from Delray Beach, FlBeautiful song, with incredible sound effects and wonderful instruments. Some of Peter Gabriel's best work.
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