Floral & Fading

Album: Misadventures (2016)


  • This is an unusual song for Pierce The Veil as it's almost in the pop realm. Bassist Jaime Preciado told Bravewords.com: "It's a very pop/'80s vibe kind of song, and it's very bass and drum heavy. It's got this groove that is not normally our style - normally, the guitars are pretty hot in the mix and they're shredding the whole time. With this song, it kind of chills out, and it's just one of those kind of songs we took a chance with, and we wanted to put it early in the tracklisting, to see what fans thought. That one really surprised me - how great it turned out."
  • Frontman Vic Fuentes explained the song's meaning. "It was sort of a studio experiment that ended up being one of my favorites on the album. It's a love song to my girl about ignoring all the internet hate we got when we first started dating and focusing on each other instead."


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