Kings of Medicine

Album: Battle For The Sun (2009)
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  • On Battle For The Sun the band use a number of new instruments. Drummer Steve Forrest told Clickmusic that he liked the way that the horns were used on this track. He explained: "That one, it becomes quite an 'All You Need is Love'-style Beatles-esque happy tune. It's executed very well. They are not so much underneath everything but they are not over the top either. So, there's good usage of a lot of horns, and there's also a piccolo trumpet and some flute on there."
  • This was the first Placebo album to feature Steve Forrest, who replaced their longtime drummer, Steve Hewitt, after he left over personal and musical differences following the release of Meds.
  • According to Placebo frontman Brian Molko, he originally wrote this for a UK campaign against drunk-driving, "so I tried to bring clues and references about driving and drinking in that song. Eventually the anti-drink driving campaign didn't happen, and I was kind of left with this song."
  • Molko was hoping the upbeat tune would agitate the dour contingent of their fanbase. Bassist Stefan Olsdal told Clickmusic: "Brian's very proud of that one because he thinks it's going to freak all the Goths out. That's actually Brian's motto: 'Let's freak the Goths out.' We have always been seen as the purveyors of melancholy and luckily we have always had music to exorcise our demons. I think on this record we had a bit more fun and there is a bit more color to this than on the previous ones."
  • Battle For The Sun, Placebo's sixth studio album, peaked at #8 in the UK. The London-born band first became popular in their homeland when their single "Nancy Boy," from their self-titled debut album, started making the rounds in 1997.

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  • Alis from Brasov, RomaniaOne of the best songs on the album, in my opinion. Love the way it sounds happier at the end.
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