Album: Green Naugahyde (2011)
  • This ode to musicians selling out in commercials references various American corporate staples such as Chevy, Subway and Chevy. Frontman Les Claypool explained to Artist Direct: "I remember back in the day - maybe I'm just becoming old [laughs] - but the rock 'n' roll guys weren't the ones pitching sodas and tennis shoes. Now it surprises me just how quickly some of these people jump on the advertising bandwagon. To me, you're hauling your credibility out the window. Years ago I was offered this commercial, and it was for a product I actually used and liked ... And I talked to Matt Stone [of South Park for which Primus penned the theme song] and a bunch of friends about it. Matt said, 'Yeah, it's a cool idea and you'd probably do a good job at it, but whenever I see someone in one of these commercials I know they have a price.' That's the price they'll do something for. We all admire Tom Waits for various things, but I've always admired him for speaking out against doing such things but also he's taken people to court for using his material. It just amazes me how some people will just roll over."


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