Too Many Puppies

Album: Frizzle Fry (1990)
  • This early Primus song plays on the phrase "Dogs of War," implying that most soldiers are puppies and are too young to fight.
  • This song is different from most Primus songs because it is guitar driven, not bass driven, and it doesn't have a guitar lead. >>
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    Sam - Portsmouth, VA, for above 2

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  • Joey from Houston, TxI meant Operation Desert Shield.
  • Joey from Houston, TxThe song is about war in general, not the first Gulf War. It predates even Operation Desert Storm, which was in 1990, the same year Frizzle Fry was released. Primus performed "Too Many Puppies" and a few other tunes on 90.1 KZSU's (Stanford U's radio station) Wednesday Night Live back in 1989.
  • Sam from Cambridge, Ontario, CanadaThis song is about the First Gulf War. It mentions the oil fields.
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