Album: Every Valley (2017)
  • Every Valley chronicles the demise of the South Wales coal industry, and the perseverance of the local people against great odds. Like several other songs on the album this track retains a sense of hope and optimism, despite the difficulties they face. Frontman J Willgoose Esq told

    "Even though it kind of speaks of all this strife and the scarring of the countryside, the broken men of the valley and all these kind of things, it does end on a defiant note; 'the things my boyhood cherished stand firm and shall remain'. So I think that air of defiance does run through the album, the sense that life will go on and you just have to kind of dig in for it."
  • This features James Dean Bradfield, frontman of the Welsh band Manic Street Preachers. The words he sings are taken from "Gwalia Deserta" by the Welsh poet Idris Davies.
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