• The lyrics, taken literally, are about a wizard who enslaves countless numbers of people and makes them build a stone tower for him. The people hope for the day when their misery comes to an end, as they build the tower in harsh conditions ("In the heat and rain, with whips and chains") just so they can see him fly, which gives them hope. In the end, the wizard falls off the tower and dies ("no sound as he falls instead of rising. Time standing still, then there's blood on the sand."

    The lyrics also have a covert meaning, which many people have interpreted as a warning not to believe in false idols or messiahs. It can also mean that one should not give up hope even in harsh circumstances. >>
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    Dee - Northfield, IL
  • This song is quite a production - it runs 8:26 and features the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra. The song also showcases Ronnie James Dio's soaring vocals and Ritchie Blackmore's guitar work.
  • According to the book Rainbow Rising by Roy Davies, Ritchie Blackmore wrote this song on a cello.

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  • Groovus Maximus from Boston, MaEPIC!!! I was raised listening to classical music and switched to rock when I was about 7 (much to my dad's dismay!). This is the best of both worlds, and it just about melted my mind the first time I heard it. Never gets old! Rainbow was my 1st concert (October 1983 @ the Worcester Centrum, with Aldo Nova opening) -- I love Richie Blackmore with all my heart & soul, just a brilliant musical mind!
  • Dp from Mount Airy, MdWhat an awesome, awesome anthem. If you close your eyes and listen to RJD's voice and the music backing him in the first verse, you'll here hints of Chris Cornell and Audioslave.
  • Ricky from Kilmarnock, United KingdomRitchie came up with the main riff for Stargazer while learning the cello. The song as a whole was inspired by Zeppelin's Kashmir which was released the year before.

    The greatest Rainbow track ever!
  • William from Reno, NvTo Joe:

    Ah hem.....Ever hear of Neil Peart?

    K/H D
  • Joe from Grants Pass, OrCozy was (and is ) the GREATEST drummer; not to dis Ian Paice , or any others, I just like his FEEL !!!
  • Ray from Ccs, VenezuelaSome consider Stargazer to be the first symphonic power metal song.
  • Martin from Sofia, Bulgariaperfect song from the Golden times of Rainbow!!
  • Rusputtin from Atlanta, GaDio and Blackmore was the best set up for Rainbow! I wish they would travel again and Blackmore wud stop his experiments with the music he's doing now.
  • Roy from London, United KingdomI am a drummer, and Cozy Powell was my god. His thundering intro to this track is IMHO one of his finest moments.
  • Jacko from London, EnglandI played this album to death when it was 1st released,absolutely awesome.Ronnie James Dio is IMHO one of the finest vocalists in the business.
    After he left the band's finest moments were behind them.
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