A Man Like Me

Album: They Call Me Cadillac (2010)
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  • This Conway Twitty-influenced track is the first single from Country music artist Randy Houser's second album, They Call Me Cadillac. He told The Boot: "I wanted to put it on my last record, but I didn't have room. You think about songs and you play them for that long - I played this one for years since we wrote it. I still hadn't got sick of it, so that's a true test to me. It's still fun to play every night. That's the way 'Boots On' is. 'A Man Like Me' is a song that kind of grows on you. I don't think it's going to kill everybody the first time, but you listen to it a couple of times, and it will get in you a little bit. That's what happened with me, but then once it did, I never got sick of it."
  • Houser co-wrote this track with Jameson Clark and Danny Green. He told The Boot the story behind the song: "I started playing the beginning part of this song and humming it. It reminded me of a Conway Twitty song. That kind of Conway vibe or Don Williams vibe. At the time we were being surrounded by really contemporary country music. We wrote it about five years ago. At that time, it was all Rascal Flatts and artists like that, which is great, but I was really begging to hear some country music. We started writing it. The chorus kind of takes off into a Dixieland vibe."
  • Houser explained the song's meaning to The Boot: "The thing is the lyric is just about whatever man feels - just being thankful for having a woman who loves you because we don't understand half of the time why they stay with us, but they do sometimes. We know how lucky we are. Especially me as a musician, I find it hard to talk and say things, but I can always sing about them. It's a way of saying, 'I appreciate you.'"
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