No Stone Unturned

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  • Randy Houser wrote this song with his brother-in-law, Dallas Davidson. They were celebrating Thanksgiving together in Albany, Georgia and the singer's Australian wife Tatiana was trying to do her first Thanksgiving dinner. She was looking for an ingredient that Houser hadn't heard of so he and Davidson went to the grocery store for her. However the store didn't stock the item. Houser recalled to Taste of Country:

    "I heard Dallas on the phone with her, talking to her and he's like 'Nope, we'll find it. No stone unturned.' And I turned to him and said, 'No turn unstoned.' And that's where the song idea came from."
  • Houser sings on "No Stone Unturned" about his wanderlust atop a marching melody.

    I headed up to Memphis on a train
    Got sidetracked in the Mississippi rain
    Picked up a case of Delta Blues
    Then I washed it down with Tennessee booze

    The singer told Billboard he considers this to be the Magnolia track most closely related to his life. "It's about self-discovery and just the life of a traveling man and I've always been, sort of a seeker in my lifetime," he explained. "I never have really known how to sit still very long."

    He added: "That song covers both that and my need to geographically go check stuff out, look around. That's just about living life and being on the go and that being just who you are."
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