Runnin' Outta Moonlight

Album: How Country Feels (2013)
Charted: 24


  • This rollicking, uptempo tune was penned by Dallas Davidson, Ashley Gorley and Kelley Lovelace. Houser explained to why he chose to follow up his hit single "How Country Feels" with this fun track. "Everywhere you turn, there is something to depress you going on," he said. "A lot of people lean on music to lift their spirits. That's what the power of a song does. I look to songs like that right now to uplift me, and I think that's what other people are doing."
  • Houser told The Boot he wanted to record the song as soon as Dallas Davidson played him the demo, as it went with the other tracks on How Country Feels. "It actually fit exactly what we'd been doing on this record so far," he explained. "This record probably leans a little more modern for me than the things I've done in the past. My first record was a little bit like this album in that sense but my second album I really made more traditional, broke down. I just didn't want all the bells and whistles on it. I wanted to do more of a purist album. This album I wanted to do the opposite. I wanted to make it big and blow it up."
  • Ashley Gorley explained in Nashville Songwriter: The Inside Stories Behind Country Music's Greatest Hits: by Jake Brown the song came together during one of his semi-regular songwriting sessions with Dallas Davidson and Kelley Lovelace. "Kelley is great at ideas; he had brainstormed some ideas," he recalled. "He had a titled called 'Wastin' Moonlight,' actually, which we all kinda liked … I was on the piano I think, Dallas was kind of strumming along … As it was kind of going down, we just started playing with different melodic flows, different phrasings, different ideas about going to pick up the girl and the fact you want the night to last all night long."

    The trio pieced things together changing "wastin' moonlight," to, "runnin' out of moonlight" which they thought sounded better. "A lot of those things are magical happy accidents," Gorley said with a laugh. "The best line wins."
  • The music video, directed by Wes Edwards, picks up the love story from the "How Country Feels" video.


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