Every Man A King

Album: Good Old Boys (1974)


  • Huey P. Long (1893-1935) was the charismatic populist Governor of the State of Louisiana. A champion of the rural poor and avowed enemy of finance capitalism, in particular the Federal Reserve System, he instituted a program called "Share Our Wealth." "Every Man A King" was his campaign song, which Long co-wrote with Professor Castro Carazo, head of the Louisiana State Band. It was also the title of his autobiography.

    Long had his critics, he was regarded by some as a demagogue, and has been smeared as both a Communist and a Fascist, but there is no doubting his commitment to the welfare of the people of Louisiana. The legacy of his four-year term ran to building or rebuilding most of the state's infrastructure, including a staggering 111 bridges, and a new charity hospital in New Orleans. Like so many political giants, Long was assassinated by a small-minded individual who could never have aspired to be half the man he was.
  • Although he was born in Los Angeles, Randy Newman grew up in Louisiana, a move that is described in his autobiographical song "Dixie Flyer," and is obviously an admirer of Long. Newman created his own arrangement of the song and brought it to a contemporary audience. >>
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