C'mon Girl

Album: Stadium Arcadium (2006)


  • This song seems to be about Anthony Kiedis' love for his girlfriend at the time, Heather Christie. Some interpretation:

    "Everything inside of me is burning up for you to see." - He's dying to show and tell her everything about himself.
    "Compare us to a Ferris Wheel." - may relate to how their relationship has been: up and down.
    "Some people do it by the book, but I prefer to go by feel." - Anthony likes to treat each woman differently, not do it like everybody else does.
    "I wanted to get outta here, but every time I reappear and now I have the words my dear to whisper right into your ear." - This give the Ferris Wheel line more perspective. Anthony has tried and tried to be with her, he gave up and went out of the relationship, but then he got together again because he loves her. And now finally he knows what he feels about her. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Benjamin - Ålesund, Norway
  • In the album commentary, guitarist John Frusciante said he didn't want heavy metal to dominate the album, but on some songs like this one he wanted some of the choruses to have heavy-metal riffs. "The guitar solo section on that one is something I'm proud of," he said. "We did backwards-filtered reverb on the guitar."
  • Kiedis described the lyrics as abstract and image-oriented because he didn't have a lyrical idea going into it and allowed the rhythms to dictate the words. "It's kind of an exercise or an experimental way of writing because sometimes you end up getting some really cool ideas that you wouldn't have come up with if you were thinking, 'This song is about her, or this song is about that.' It sort of reveals itself to you."
  • While the once-fractious band dynamic greatly improved on Stadium Arcadium, John Frusciante was still uncomfortable during the process, which ended up being a good thing. "I felt like I was skating on thin ice or walking on a tight rope," he told Total Guitar in 2006. "It seems that a lot of the time things that are good have that quality about them."
  • The band initially wanted to release this as a trilogy and planned to release a disc every six months, but their manager convinced them it would confuse buyers. Instead they released it as a double album with 14 songs on each disc. This track appears on the first disc, titled Jupiter.


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