Desecration Smile

Album: Stadium Arcadium (2006)
Charted: 27
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  • This song is about lead singer Anthony Kiedis and how happy he is with his girlfriend, Heather. There is a reference to Heather in the line, "Beneath the heather lies the meadowlark." >>
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    Spencer - Equinunk, PA
  • When Kiedis sings about being "Serenaded by the terror bird," he's referring to a band called The Terrors, who Heather took him to see.
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  • Shiloh from Seattle, WaI don't really know if this works, but I think it kinda references to their old guitarist Hillel Slovak with the "slow to finish and quick to start" emphasizing how instantaneously slovak joined, and how his death in the standard, and musical worl dwas a slow one.

    o.0 anyone agree?
  • Liz from Sydney, AustraliaMan, good days bad days. The progression of the guitar in this song is just awesome. And Kiedis fronts this so well. They really know how to work as a band. They actually have talent unlike some of these crappy Fall Out Boy, Panic! bands... yujkck.

    This is an awesome song. I don't know whether i agree that the whole album is awesome, i reckon that they have definitely produced better, but some of these songs (like this one) are just awesome. I think the Peppers have this 'zone' and when they get into it, they just write music like nothing else. They don't over do it either, which is so awesome. They have some serious talent. I can't really explain it, if you haven't read 'Scar Tissue' dang read it.
  • Sean from Philadelphia, Pai like actually like the original version a bit better. only the chorus is different but its more powerful and energetic i think
  • Robert from Glasgow, United KingdomI love this song because like Jo and Jaffay said it sounds like Neil Young. The guitar and lyrics really remind me of 1970's folk rock; the brilliant metaphors about life and lines like "heavy metal coming from your truck", "beneath the heather lies a medowlark" and "another girl bad for my health" are out of this world. I thought this song had a really sad feel to it though. I thought it would have been about more than just love.
    This is one of my favourite RHCP songs. I love the dark, old-style sultry feel to it. I think it has a similar feel to Blue Viens by The Raconteurs or something by Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan.
  • Mark from Worcester, Mithe band was encouraged to refine the older version when producer Rick Rubin reported positive feed back from non other than Paul McCartney on the first couple of verses.
  • Mark from Worcester, MiThis is an older Chili Pepper song that had a confusing chorus. Not as good as the verse they felt. John Frusciante came up with a new chorus and the song took hold. Kiedis: "That song work's Haunts the heck out of me."
  • Jo from Bethlehem, PaAh! I thought I was the only one who was reminded of Neil Young in this song! TRUE TO THAT
  • Abby from Dublin, IrelandJohn Frusciante's girlfriend, Emily Kokal, sings on the chorus in this song.
  • Tricia from Edinburgh, Scotlandsorry the whole of stadium arcadium is sexxy
  • Laura from Gulf Shores, Alawesome song. it sounds kind of sexy...
  • Jaffay from Warsaw, PolandGreat song.You noticed that sometimes Anthony is singing like Neil Young?
    Especially in the "serenaded by the terror bird" line.
  • Derek from South Jersey, NjOne of the best songs on Stadium Arcadium.
  • Angelo from Las Vegas, Nv"We could all go down to Malibu and make some noise"....

    My faveorite part of this song
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