Especially In Michigan

Album: Stadium Arcadium (2006)
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  • This song is about Michigan; Anthony Kiedis' home state. The line, "Lions and tigers come running just to steal your luck" refers to the Detroit Lions football team and the Detroit Tigers baseball team, and how almost every year they do very poorly.
  • More lyrical analysis:

    "A mitten full of fisherman" - Because of its surroundings being the Great Lakes, many fisherman either live or vacation in Michigan. The "mitten" is a reference to the shape of the state of Michigan.

    "A rainy Lithuanian is dancing like an Indian" - Anthony Kiedis' grandfather was from Lithuania, and his grandmother had some Indian heritage from the Mahican tribe. The Lithuanian is rainy because of the rain-filled climate of Lithuania, and is dancing like an Indian, because he is married to an Indian. Anthony Kiedis has mentioned his Indian heritage many times.
  • Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of The Mars Volta makes a guest appearance on this song, playing the guitar solo. RHCP's Flea and John Frusciante have been featured on Mars Volta songs in the past.
  • This was originally just going to be left off of the album, and just be a B-side. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Bert - Pueblo, NM, for all above
  • The recording process was much more relaxed compared to their tension-fraught sessions of the past, when the band members couldn't leave their egos checked at the door. "Everybody was in a good mood," Kiedis told MTV News. "There was very little tension, very little anxiety, very little weirdness going on and every day we showed up to this funky room in the Valley, and everyone felt more comfortable than ever bringing in their ideas."
  • The Peppers' determination to play nice paid off with Stadium Arcadium. Not only was it their first #1 album, but it also earned them a boatload of Grammys, including Best Rock Album.

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  • AnonymousMichigan......luv it. Groves highschool. Jay yang and Scott Porter....1977
  • D from Somewheres, MiThe song is absolutely about Grand Rapids area, either childhood experience or a return visit with band members... "White cloud I'm in, A mitten full of fisherman" The C in cloud should be capitalized, most likely refers to small town 50 min north of GR on the edge of the Manistee National Forest. You'll notice it follows the same rural theme of most of the song (say for the Detroit sports team). The song refers to a very real and very rural experience in the awe inspiring landscape of michigan, it seems with the presence of a woman (C'mon huckleberry finn, Show me how to make her grin....tainted new librarian, Who fainted when she tucked you in) to inspire even more emotion... "The land is full of medicine... especially in Michigan" beautiful place to call home.
  • Kyle from West Allis, WiI believe the line that says "porcelain that comes in twins" refers to the movie "escanaba in da moonlight" which is based in escanaba, MI because in the movie, the outhouse is a two-holer meaning two toilets next to each other aka twin porcelains.
  • Jared from Corpus Christi, Tx"I belive that his is referring to a person who is totally cool and outgoing,and michigan referring to the dis appointment of people being cold and jerks, and peopl having this overpowering lion like impression in their jerk like state,stealing your joy...
    - tony, corpus christi, TX"

    Tony, I'm a Michigan native and have lived in Corpus for about a year now... and I can totally tell why its named "Corpus"... this city is like a dead body. People in Michigan are some of the friendliest you will meet. It's that wholesome Midwest thing. Contrast that with living in Northern Mexico, as my job has placed me, and I mourn the future of the nation. I did not realize a fatter, more disgusting group of gang-banging illegal immigrants existed. You ought to see the wider world before you make such comments. You completely miss the positive nature of the song, and come off like an ignorant fool.
  • Nate from Lambertville, Milove this song. I live close to the border of Ohio but i am a michigan native lived hear all my life, and im glad that my favorite band wrote a song about michigan!!! :D Go Lons!!!
  • Zac from Bloomfield Hills, MiIt's not only Anthony Kiedas that's from Michigan. Drummer Chad Smith went to my high school and actually spent a good amount of his childhood in Michigan.
  • Tara from Petoskey, MiI had to comment! Now there are three people from michigan in a row! Anyways, I agree with Randy from Grand Rapids; anyone who has lived in Michigan knows what this song is about. RHCP will still be rockin' when they're 85 and in wheelchairs. My favorite band of all time!
  • Kyle from Grand Rapids, MiAlright, to clear things up, the Bowling Pin reference is to the Brunswick Bowling Pin factory, which was a major part of the industry for a while.
  • Ray from Roseville, MiI think the bowling comment is simply about the fact that bowling is very popular in Michigan.
  • Tony from Corpus Christi, TxI belive that his is referring to a person who is totally cool and outgoing,and michigan referring to the dis appointment of people being cold and jerks, and peopl having this overpowering lion like impression in their jerk like state,stealing your joy...
  • Danute from Vilnius, Other - EuropeJust for the record. "rainy lithuanian"--> it's not because of the rainy climate. not at all. Just the word LIETUVA (=lithuania) originates from word LIETUS (=rain), but it has nothing to do with a climate
  • Chris from Grand Rapids, MiThe tigers actually did great this year and i love this song, because its mainly focused on my city, Grand Rapids, where Anthony Kiedis grew up until he moved to California when he was 10.
  • Mike from Flint, Mimichael moore didnt live in flint, he lived in davison
  • John from Charlotte, NcThis song reads like it was written by all the band members in a constructive effort, and everything basically relates speaks of heaven and happiness in a place where nobody can take from you,most people haven't been in a band with a scorpio...
  • Chris from Sarnia, CanadaThe line, "C'mon Huckel Berry Finn, show me how to make her grin" refers to Hillel Slovak, Anthony gave the nickname Huckel Berry to Slovak.
  • Randy from Grand Rapids, MiAlso, I doubt the song is specifically about Brooklyn, considering Kiedis is from Grand Rapids
  • Randy from Grand Rapids, MiAnyone who has ever lived in Michigan knows what this song is about...well maybe not if you only lived in Detroit, but anywhere else. I can almost guarantee that the bowling pins thing has nothing to do with bowling for says "double chins and bowling pins" and it's talking about all the fat people we have, and we do have a lot...Also, about the unholy presbyterians, if you live on the west side of the state then it makes sense, at least to me it does. Everyone over here is Christian Reformed, and I mean EVERYONE, and you've probably never heard of CRC unless you live in west michigan, b/c it's one of the smallest Christian denominations there is, but everyone here is also like >90% dutch so it's understandable. Anyways, the CRC is really judgemental and they don't really accept any other Christian denominations, and Presbyterians are really well-known around here for being very open-minded, a little too open-minded. For example, you can be a Presbyterian pastor and not believe that Jesus was the son of God (keep in mind this is not ALL Presbyterians, only some) really could've said "unholy (any non-CRC denomination)" and it would've made sense, but presyterian worked w/ the song, so that's what it is.
  • Lee from Jackson, Mispecifically, the song is about the town of brooklyn, michigan. one of the producers or someone like that is from there, and i guess the band has spent some time out there
  • Anonymous from Virginia Beach, Vai love this song, i jsut heard it three minutes ago, and it had the classic, addicting sliver of the song, that always appears in the chili peppers.

    the ups in downs in luck
  • Jessica from Detroit, MiHey at least the Pistons are doin good :)
  • AnonymousColumbine? Get a grip.

    Double chins and bowling pins. This refers to fat white people which are found a-plenty in Michigan.
  • Bert from Pueblo, Nmoriginally different stores were going to have different versions of the album, and Especially in Michigan would be on the album at some stores, but not others. Others would interchange some of the songs on the album with some of the b-sides like Million Miles of Water and Mercy Mercy. I think they realized that wasn't that good of an idea.
  • George from Richmond , VaIm still confused about the Unholy presbyterians line, but i still think this is one of the most well done songs on Stadium Arcadium. I'm wondering what the reasoning was for it almost not making it on the album?
  • Mia from Wellston, MiMichigan Sucks...haha it's all fishermen and hunters.
  • Adam from Winnipeg, CanadaI believe this song is about Kiedis' love for Michigan, and how he would always clean up his act when he got there (land is full of medicine, I find it when I'm slipping in). If you've read Scar Tissue, you'd see that every single time he went back to Michigan he would lose his heroin habits, but unfortunately gain them back every time he left.
  • Shruti from Halifax, United StatesI love this song so what if we dont understand
    the RHCPs do... I cant believe they were going to leave it off the album!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Bob from Jackson, Mi"Bowling for Colombine" was made by Michael Moore who made "Roger and Me" which was a story about the "death" of Flint, MI. Moore is a native of Flint.
  • Bert from Pueblo, NmWhy would the bowling pin line be a reference to Columbine in COLORADO, in a song about MICHIGAN?
  • Zach from Carlsbad, Cawell, the tigers ain't doin' to bad this year and who can't like the city where "The Bus" came from, GO STEELERS! but hey who can stay made at RHCP keep it comin'
  • Manuel from Puerto Rico, United StatesIm sure the bowling pin thing is a reference to the Columbine murders and Bowling for Columbine
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