Fight Like A Brave

Album: The Uplift Mofo Party Plan (1987)
  • In lead singer Anthony Kiedis' autobiography Scar Tissue (p. 191-201) he reveals that this song is about a support group he went to, to get off of drugs and winning his battle with addiction. His heroin and cocaine abuse had gotten so bad that he was kicked out of the band. After a week or so, Kiedis decided to go to Michigan with his mom and go to a clinic to get clean. After seeing that the people there had been down the same road he had and were trying to help each other, he began to take it seriously and stopped doing drugs (although his sobriety would only last a few months). Kiedis called Flea up and told him that he was clean, and Flea asked him to rejoin the band. On the plane ride back to L.A., Kiedis wrote this song. >>
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    Bert - Pueblo, NM
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  • Sebastian from Rostock, GermanyThis song is also used in the videogame "Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3".
  • Jim from Kennett Square, PaThis is the song that made me a Chili Peppers fan. The first time I heard it I thought "Wow a rock song with a sense of humor". This is fun stuff and has a wacky video to go with it. I have been a Chili Peppers fan ever since!
  • Joe from Chicago, Ilbest Peppers song ever
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