Album: Californication (1999)
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  • This song was written for a lady Anthony Kiedis met at a YMCA in downtown Los Angeles in the summer of 1998. She was near broke and had an estranged husband, and couldn't afford to take care of her baby, "Do you carry the moon in your womb/Someone said that you're fading too soon/Nodding and melting and fading away." >>
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  • Standard from Slovakia@Jared from Sacramento, Ca
    She is fragile and precious as a porcelain.
  • Dani from Memphis, TnAround that time, I had met a young mother at a meeting.
    She was living in a YWCA with her baby girl, trying to get sober but failing miserably. The beauty and sadness and tragedy and glory, all wrapped into one, of this mother/daughter relationship was evoked by the vibe of that music.

    From "Porcelain"
    Do you carry the moon in your womb?
    Someone said that you’re fading too soon
    Drifting and floating and fading away
    Little line
    All day
    Little lime
    Are you wasting away in your skin?
    Are you missing the love of your kin?
    Nodding and melting and fading away.
  • Morgan from New Orleans, Lai really like this song. it's just so hauntingly mellow
  • Evan from Kali, MiThe only song by RHCP that I truly dislike. It just does not appeal to me.
  • Ben from Ocean City, NjVery beautiful song! Yes this is about a young mother he met when in rehab, very sad story =(
    Love the bass, I <3 Flea!
    Have to agree w/ Kat, porcelain is a figurative reference to how fragile this mother and her child are.
  • Kat from Chicago, IlI think that using the word 'porcelain' (besides it being aurally pleasing) is to emphasize how fragile this woman is.

    What I'd like to know is why the songfacts say something different than what those two comments say.
  • Rita from South Pas., Israelhmm... I heard it was about a lady he met along the way who was still pregnant with her child but so addicted to heroine that it eventually killed her and the child both.
  • Jared from Sacramento, CaBut what does porcelain have to do with it?
  • Nathalie from San Antonio, TxWhen reading Scar Tissue, Anthony explains that the woman he meets is coming off of drugs but is forced to care for her child. He is expliaining the connection that the two have to eachother, and their dependence for one another.
  • Matt from Auburn, MiI have heard this song is about a lady he met in rehab who was pregant at the time and he he felt for the baby.
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