Yertle The Turtle

Album: Freaky Styley (1985)


  • The lyrics from this song were taken from the Dr. Seuss book Yertle The Turtle. >>
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    Mischa - Winnipeg, Canada
  • In lead singer Anthony Kiedis' autobiography Scar Tissue, we learn that the opening line, "Look at that turtle go, bro" is said by producer George Clinton's personal cocaine dealer. The reason why is because George was behind on payments, and the dealer came in during the Freaky Styley sessions with a couple of other guys ready to physically harm Clinton. Clinton knew his dealer was fascinated with the music industry, so he promised him a spot on the album as exchange for pay. Anthony Kiedis was not too thrilled about this, but was ensured that it would not be very noticeable. Kiedis referred to it as a cheap way of getting 15 minutes of fame. >>
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    Bert - Pueblo, NM

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  • Sam from Philedelphia, PaThe book is about the inception of Nazi Germany and Hitler, according to an interview by Theodore Geisel himself. He explains that Yertle wanted to be the ruler "of all that he sees," much like Hitler, and began his reign of terror with the Holocaust and the sacrifice of millions of people, much like Yertle sacrifices the poor turtle. The "burp" made by Mack, the turtle on the bottom, at the very end, is much like the Battle of Berlin, the final offensive front made by the Allies in the European theater of the war. The turtles go free, while Yertle is "the King of the Mud," a euphemism for death, much like Hitler's fate.
  • Evan from Kali, MiIt's funny that they didn't include the end of the story when Yertle is knocked down into the mud.
  • Ben from Ocean City, NjPossibly the best book on the subject of Turtle-stacking ever.
  • Claudia from New York, Nyactually, it was the producer's (george clinton)coke dealer who said "look at the turtle go, bro"
  • Dan from Tinley Park, Ilo, and Dr Seuss wrote this book about the rise of hitler.
  • Dan from Tinley Park, Ilwait...this song was from the album, freaky styley, and their producer for that album was george clinton, was he the one that said the thing at the beginning? cuz it doesnt sound like him.
  • Jake from Guelph, CanadaThe man who says the line "look at the turtle go bro..." was the chili peppers producer at the time. He was addicted to cocaine and owed his dealer money so the peppers let him do the voice on the song for enough cash to pay him back.
  • Faxmachine from Nyc, NdThis is like the best song ever!!!!!!!!!!!! I luv luv luv it!!!!! It rox my fuzzy sox!!!!!!!!!1
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