Sittin' At A Bar

Album: Southern Discomfort (2000)
Charted: 64


  • Rehab founding members Danny Boone and Brooks Buford are recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. They met at a rehab facility, which is where the band got it's name. This song is about a guy who comes home drunk one day and gets in a fight with his girlfriend. He takes her car, crashes it, then goes to the bar where he tells the bartender what he's done. >>
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    Kris - Rome, GA
  • The lyrics, "Sittin' at a bar on the inside, waitin' for my ride on the outside" means he's sitting in the bar waiting for the cops to show. "I'm tryin to drown my soul, I'm tired of this life on a dirt road" indicates he's sick of his life and he wants to kill himself. >>
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    Stippy - Abingdon, IL

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  • Dalan from Notacityyet, MtGot clued into this song by someone who borrowed it from his friend. The following week the guy who clued me in got arrested for stealing a vehicle. Two weeks after that, the actual owner of the cd was arrested on a vehicular assault charge.

    Ironic, sad, but yet hillarious!!! My wife gives me the evil eye when I take my Taylor 815 out and and pick the intro to the song and says to me, "Keep it up your gonna join 'em in the county van!"

    My resonse is, "Paging Doctor Bender."

    A great song to be enjoyed by all and my heart goes out to anyone that has gone through rehab and continues on with it.
  • Megan from Stevenson, AlThis song is so funny! It's fun to sing along to with your
  • Daktoa from Greenville, Althis isn't my favorite song by them, but they don't have griffiti the world on here so this is my favorite song on this site.
  • Jon from Enumclaw , WaI really like this song and always thought it was called bartender not sittin'at a bar great song anyway.
  • Jonathan from Paoli, InThe rap version, no doubt sucks. But Hank Williams Jr. is the atomic bomb.
  • Tori from Partyin Mardi Gras Style, Lai luv this song. wen u 1st listen, it sounds like a joke-of-a-song on accoutn of him saying he smashed her car, but it's better than that. u hav 2 listen 2 it at least twice to really get it.
  • Daniel from Jacksonville, FlHank William's Jr. Was Featured In A Revised Version Of "Sittin At A Bar" On The Music Video. He (Hank) Along With The Lead Singer (Danny Alexander) Both Sang The 2nd Verse Of The Song.
  • Bryant Plummer from Winona, KsI love this song couse anyone that is down on there luck or heart broken can relate.And everyone knows a bartender is the worlds best therapist.
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