Can't Fight This Feeling

Album: Wheels Are Turnin' (1984)
Charted: 16 1
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  • In this song, a man is falling in love with a girl he has been friends with for a long time. When the band had difficulty coming up with songs for their Wheels Are Turnin' album, they took time off so each member could write alone. Lead singer Kevin Cronin went to Molokai, Hawaii, during his "time off." There he played around with a song that he wrote 10 years earlier but never finished. When he stopped tinkering with his composition, it had become a song about a person's fear of change - even though he knows that he MUST change.
  • Kevin Cronin's girlfriends have provided inspiration for several REO hits - he says this one is based on an amalgamation of these relationships, but the song has a deeper meaning.

    "Really, what the song is about was about my inability to have the courage to express myself," he said in a Songfacts interview. "I was brought up in an Irish-Catholic family, and you were taught to always keep a bright face, always act like everything was OK, even if maybe everything on the inside wasn't so OK. So that's something I've struggled with, and over the years have gotten better at.

    At that time, the only way I knew to express those feelings was to write songs about them. I've learned over the years that it works better to talk to people! You can actually become closer to other human beings when you are vulnerable and express yourself and are free to tell the truth and to be honest and to be up front with your feelings. It does work. Back in those days, the best that I could do was write a song about it."
  • This was the second of two #1 hits for REO Speedwagon, following "Keep On Loving You." It was not the first single from the "Wheels Are Turnin'" album - that honor went to an uptempo track called "I Do' Wanna Know," which despite a funhouse video, reached only #29 in the US.
  • Two videos were made for this song: one that shows them goofing around in a rehearsal space before performing it, and another far more elaborate video directed by Kevin Dole that shows a baby going through different life stages from birth to death. Heavy on compositing and special effects, it was cutting edge for 1984.
  • REO Speedwagon played this at Live Aid in 1985. They followed Rick Springfield on the US stage.
  • This song was featured in the South Park episode "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy." >>
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    Jeana - Sterling Heights, MI
  • When Glee creator Ryan Murphy saw a video of Cory Monteith drumming a version of this song with pencils and plastic containers, he brought him in for a mass audition in Los Angeles where he was given the role of Finn Hudson. The late Canadian actor and singer got to sing the tune alongside the Glee Cast in the pilot episode of the television series. It was released as one of the show's early singles in 2009.
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Comments: 19

  • Joel from Columbia, NyHate to sound like a sap but like so many songs of this ilk I can't help but cry when I hear it. I am at a emotional crossroads and this song just makes me see that I have to tell the one that I love I love her or else I may lose her for good
  • Camille from Toronto, OhGeno from Peoria, I agree with your comments...I came on Songfacts to read up on "Roll With the Changes"---one cool anthem about hanging in there---and...nothing! Hopefully it'll get posted to the website soon.....
  • Jeremy from Adams, MaThis song describes perfectly the situation between me and a girl I work with at college; I wanna sing it to her on Talent Night!
  • Jacqueline Hammond from Rochester, NyWhen I listen to this song "I can't fight This Feeling Anymore". I realize I have Feelings For 2 guys Max Brown & Joe Langer and when i listen to this song it gets to me That i Should tell them
  • Cynthia from Scranton, Pai am literally living this song: i'm so in love with my best friend michael, and i know i want to tell him my true feelings. he has a girlfriend but i don't care. if anyone has any advice on what i should do let me know!
  • Paul from Bedfordshire, United KingdomFor me this song captured exactly my relationship with God as I was struggling with the concept of becoming a Christian. I had always 'kept Him in sight' but the concept of a total commitment scared me, I 'ran in circles in my mind' but 'felt' (like conscience but not quite the same) that the Christian message of grace was true. I did eventually 'throw away the oars' and was 'taken to places that alone I'd never have found'. Never looked back & no regrets, it is quite the adventure but needs a full commitment to get started.
  • Liquid Len from Ottawa, CanadaThis song, like all songs Kevin Cronin sings, makes very good use of the letter R and Kevin's ability to sustain it.
  • Fredrik from Stockholm, SwedenThis is also in the South Park episode "Ms. Teacher Bangs A Boy"
  • Craterlane from San Jose, Cathe fact is: In this song, a man is falling in love with one of his best friend's girlfriend, so in this song, he admits he must change.
  • Charles from Bronxville, NyKevin Cronin of REO said that he wrote it for a bandmates girlfriend for whom he had the hots. (See VH1's softsational hits) anyway now everytime the song plays his wife tells him that the line "It's time to pull this ship into the shore..." is the corniest line ever written.
    Frakkin A! I cannot believe that there are only two songs for REO!! This is a great band and there should be many more entries.
    What about I Do' Wanna Know? Great song and check out the vid for this on You Tube - VERY FUNNY!
  • Geno from Peoria, IlYou'd thing REO was a two hit wonder since on Songfacts they only have their two biggest and both are ballads. Roll With the Changes is one great rock song, Riding the Storm Out, Time For Me to Fly was the preeminent break up song for us wildboys. Come on now folks, I grew up on this stuff, this is a great band! I already know the lyrics but they should be on here so people can write their comments and memories about them!!
  • Lonney from Buras, LaWhen "Cant fight this feeling anymore" came out, I was at the age when the girls were a very time consuming part of my life... So to say the least, this song brings back awesome memories;)...REO was and still is in my book an icon in power ballads! They are an awesome band. Have a good one..:)
  • Gena from Prestonsburg, KyThis song always brings up the most poignant memories of my life. It was "the" song for me and my husband when we were dating.....and I love it still to this day!
  • Courtney from Rochester Hills, MiI love this song! It is always a memory of when I first heard it when I was little back when it first came out. It's always reminded me of that time
  • Anne from New Orleans, United StatesYah, i agree steph. I love that song.
    To paul, i haven't heard Keep on Loving you yet... IS it really nice? surely, could be. REO's cool ayt!
    Peepz around... Can'y fight this feeling really rocks!
  • Joe Public from Anytown, AlCheesy yet powerful. The song is about someone who has fallen for his female friend: "What started out as friendship / Has grown stronger." He is just mustering the strength to admit it to himself, even, resolving that it's time to confront this and make his feelings clear to her, because he can't hold this back anymore. "And I can't fight this feeling anymore / I've forgotten what I started fighting for / And if I have to crawl upon the floor / Come crashing through your door / Baby I can't fight this feeling anymore."
  • Katerina from Athens - Greecebrings me up great memories...
  • Paul from London, EnglandREO Speedwagon unfortunately were more successful in the US than the UK but I love this track as well as Keep On Loving You.
  • Edward from S'pore, SingaporeWho could forget that scene In the teen Movie "Cant Hardly wait" When Jen Hew's Character comes through the front door at the party, and 'Cant Fight this Feeling' starts playing in the background. That people, was complementing at its best.
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