Maggots in Your Coffin

Album: Horrified (1989)
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  • "Maggots in Your Coffin" was written by Matt Olivo and Scott Carlson. It is one of the songs identified by Scott Carlson as being written around the blast beat.
    In Precious Metal: Decibel Presents the Stories Behind 25 Extreme Metal Masterpieces, Scott Carlson recalls how "Maggots in Your Coffin," one of the last songs to be written, got included: "We were just basically trying to flesh out the album. We needed 30 minutes, we figured - we were really into punk bands - and Discharge albums were 30 minutes long, so we figured '18 songs' and that's what we were shooting for."
    When asked how Horrified holds up today, band co-founder Matt Olivo cites "Maggots in Your Coffin" as an especially catchy one: " has a certain rhythmic punchiness to it - it feels like a song as opposed to some of the bands of those times, and it's such a general thing to say."
  • As one might guess from the header graphic at Repulsion's MySpace page, the cover art was inspired by the comic book medium. In fact, Carlson specifies that the inspiration for the style came from an E.C. comic book, Twisted Tales, which had a story about a burned-up boy who came back from the dead on Halloween and went trick-or-treating. Now, didn't that just warm your heart?
  • "Maggots in Your Coffin" was also covered by Napalm Death in their 1999 album Leaders Not Followers. Napalm Death has long been an admirer of Repulsion, and in fact were partly responsible for getting them signed in the first place.


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