Killing The Blues

Album: Raising Sand (2007)


  • This was written by Chris Isaak's bass guitarist Roly Salley, and was originally the title track of Salley's 2005 solo album.
  • This song was used in an advertising campaign for the chain store JC Penney, which features sentimental images of "heartland" Americana, such as family reunions and Fourth of July celebrations.
  • Robert Plant recalled to the London Times May 3, 2008: "When I first heard that song, after T. Bone (producer T-Bone Burnett) sent his collection of songs, I was driving through the Welsh borders in Herefordshire. I just stopped the car. It was so poignant, so masterly."

    Krauss added in the same interview: "And the melody was so. When you combine a melody that lifts you up with a lyric like that, it's a twisted thing. When you get that combination, that is really something."
  • This was #51 on Rolling Stone's list of the 100 Best Songs of 2007.

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  • Lester Lauchlan from CanadaBest version I have found...Malcolm Holcomb. Check it out.
  • Nichting from Durham john prine has a killer version; comparable but less bluesy than smither. smither nails the blues of the song
  • Larry from U.s.a.Do yourselves a favor and check out the version by Chris Smither!
  • Marie from N Ew Britain, CtI've loved this song forever. Krauss/Plant are great but nobody sings it like Roly Salley.
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