It's Over


  • This soulful ballad is a plea for compassion for those in the aftermath of recriminatory divorce. Stewart, who has been twice divorced - from Alana Hamilton in 1984 and Rachel Hunter in 2006 - admitted to The Daily Telegraph that it's "a subject I know a little bit about." He added: "It's the heartbreak for the kids that does me . The second one was very painful, because she left me, there was no one else involved. I wrote it for people that are going through that."
  • Stewart co-wrote this with longtime spar and co-writer of "Young Turks," Kevin Savigar. He told Mojo magazine: "Kevin sent me over the chorus sequence, I put me earphones on, ad-libbed the lyrics, and that's how it was born. I don't think that's a universal way of writing songs, but that's the way I do it."
  • Asked by Mojo if it's hard to write about something so personal, Rod replied: "Rachel (Hunter) was the most recent so obviously there were reflections about that breakup in the song, but I tried to broaden it out for all blokes. So many of my mates have gone through a divorce, and it really hits a nerve with them. We all go through the same emotions, the same traumas, the kids get hurt."


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