Love, Come Lighten My Load

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  • Clyne considers this one of his favorites: "If you look at it lyrically, it's very simple. That was great to have a song come out so simple because if you look at the content sometimes of how much paper space my songs will take up, it can be rather daunting. I've been asked by more than one professional agency to dumb it down a touch, and I just can't. When Love, Come Lighten My Load hit me, it was with a certain purity and eloquence that I hadn't experienced before, so I was really pleased to write that. It's a message of gratitude in a certain servitude, like to this uniting power. Bob Marley sang of one love, and I cite that and The Beatles at the end, in the reprise. But it's this power that runs through us all. It's the life force, and it's inherently beneficent. Even though there's tragedy and there's cynicism, and there's all sorts of things around us, I think that love is the animating force of the universe, and I sang about it and felt very comfortable for the first time. I didn't have to put my ego in the way, or anywhere near that song. It felt great." (Get more in our Roger Clyne interview. His website is
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