Beneath, Between and Behind
by Rush

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  • This is about the discovery of America and the birth of the nation. It refers to the rapid growth, immigration, wars, and American dream. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Mike - Darkside of the Moon
  • According to Geddy Lee on VH1-Classic's Hanging With, this was the first Rush song with lyrics written by Neil Peart. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Rick - Omaha, NE
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Comments: 6

  • Kirk from Santa CruzThe song's about Watergate, which was finally over around the time when I first heard it on my Canadian girlfriend's mono tape deck.
  • Arturo from Mexico CityAs a Rush fan since 1974... with this song I discovered the Trio, all about this song is great: voice, guitar, Bass & drums in perfect synchronization with great riff, speed & lyrics... I felt the same Kent Lyle says: some flavour with "Heartbreaker". In those days at México it was very difficult to get records from abroad, specially from Canada, and what I started was a 45 RPM single with side A "Fly By Night", side B "Beneath Between & Behind"... like 6 months later I got my LP 33 RPM FLY BY NIGHT. Some folks told me this was a "studio group"... well, that´s not true What do you guys think about "Making Memories"? With the time it became my favourite track from "Fly by Night"

    Cheers from México to all!
  • Brad from Chicago, IlJesse... Geddy goes higher on a few songs...attempt to range with "Sound and fury drown my heart, every nerve(vocal cord) is torn apart!! from Cygnus X-1.
  • Kent Lyle from Cincinnati, OhThe main riff seems to be an adaptation of the middle section of Led Zeppelin's "Heartbreaker".
  • Kent Lyle from Cincinnati, OhThis is the only song in Rush's catalog co-written by Peart and Lifeson, without Lee's influence. The album _Fly By Night_ predated the standard arrangement of Lee and Lifeson writing the music with Peart writing the lyrics.
  • Jesse from L.a., CaHow the hell does Geddy sing this song? It's about the highest I've heard anyone sing, besides his screaming on the Bridge in "Freewill"...
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