Der Trommler
by Rush

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  • The name for this drum solo comes from a title of The Drummer Tale by the Brothers Grimm. >>
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    Mike - Mountlake Terrace, WA
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  • Dustin from Nashville@Jason in Denver:

    1974-1986 – drum solo

    1987-1997 - "The Rhythm Method"

    2002 - "O'Baterista"

    2004 -" Der Trommler"

    2007-2008 - "De Slagwerker"

    2010-2011 - "Moto Perpetuo"

    2012-2013 - "Here It Is!", "Drumbastica" and "The Percussor - (I) Binary Love Theme / (II) Steambanger's Ball"

    2015 – "Drumbastica" and "The Story So Far"

    Additionally, nearly all the solos starting from 1987 onward contain portions of other bodies of work that Peart has created or played on including:

    "Pieces of Eight"

    "Momo's Dance Party"

    "The Drum Also Waltzes"


    "Love for Sale"

    "Cotton Tail"

    "One O'Clock Jump"
  • Dustin from Nashville, Tn@Sebastian

    I don't want to start a bunch of conflict but QUIT posting stuff that is simply BS (see Tom Sawyer comments). This site is called SONGFACTS

    Peart started his drum solo on the Presto tour on the electronic kit. The intro was "YYZ", which was mostly played on the acoustic set until Lifeson did his guitar arpeggio solo thing, where Peart also stood up and turned around to the electronic kit as the drum riser simultaneously turned to face the audience, the song was continued on the electronic kit and then Peart began his solo during the synth fade (it’s worth mentioning as well, that the solo starts with the tympani/symphony portion that was featured at the end of the "Rhythm Method" from the audio version of A Show of Hands (audio version) which was cut from the video version).

    Likewise, during the Roll the Bones tour, Peart also started his solo on the electronic kit, this, the first time, not even using an intro song. Lee would announce to the audience, "Ladies and gentleman, Neil Peart, The Rhythm Method". Peart would begin by playing his double tap echoing electronic hits interspersed with chimes, snare/high-end-tom rolls, etc. This would build and progress into the polyrhythm from the song "Scars".

    If you don’t know the FACTS, please do not BS!

  • Larry from Ft. Pierce, FlTHE BEST DRUMMER IN THE WORLD (and a damn good lyricist/storyteller to boot)!!! And to think that the solo in YYZ could not be topped...
  • Jason from Denver, Colo., CoWhat are all of the titles Neil Pearts drum solos? ANYONE???
  • Jordyn from Versailles, Kylove the guitar in this song
  • Dave from Coon Rapids, MnThe Rhythm Method first appeared on A Show of Hands. The Hold Your Fire Tour.
  • Mike from Mountlake Terrace, WaO Baterista from Vapor Trails Tour was also independent, as was The Rhythm Method from the Test For Echoes tour.
  • Sebastian from Miami, FlThis is the first time that Neil makes a major change to his solo progression , by starting in his electronic kit instead of a snare drum march. Also it was the first time that the drum solo was not made to be part of another song, but as a totally independent piece of music.
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