Time Stand Still
by Rush

Album: Hold Your Fire (1987)
Charted: 42
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  • Aimee Mann from the group 'Til Tuesday sang backing vocals and appeared in the music video.

    Geddy Lee said in a promotional interview from 1988: "We knew that the part she sings on was a feminine part. We didn't want to use a keyboard or have Alex or myself sing it, so we started looking for a female singer. It's a very attractive opportunity for us to work with a female singer. We just looked until we found a voice, that was suitable. In listening to Aimee's last record, we loved the way she sang, so we just asked her."
  • Neil Peart (1988): "My first idea was to write about time and the first song I wrote was 'Time Stand Still.' But the more I thought about it and played around with the ideas, the more expanded idea of temperamental barriers took shape. 'Time Stand Still' applies to that concept in that it deals with the attitude of enjoying life and not letting it whisk by without appreciating it." >>
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  • Tim T from CaliforniaThis song takes me back to HS and that was the best of times and worst of times. RUSH and specifically Neil Peart are relevant at ALL TIMES. My top band ever. This and "Closer to the Heart", "Subdivisions"...wow is all I can say.
  • Brad From Asheville from Asheville, NcThe missing "s" at the end of the word "stand" in the song title says it all for me. "Time Stand Still" is a request or a demand while "Time Stands Still" is more of an observation or a fact. Not sure if Peart ever talked about that missing "s" but that's my take on it. Any way you dice it this song is a lyrical masterpiece. It moved me at age 21 and it hits even closer to home at age 53. Take nothing for granted and live life to the fullest even on the crappiest of days!
  • Webguy from TorontoHearing this song after the legendary and humble Neil Peart has passed is heartbreaking. He is talking about how fast time goes by and to appreciate the moments. Oddly Neil was the least vocal of Rush yet opened himself the most with his lyrics. RIP Neil Peart. You defined my generation and many to come.
  • Patrick from Bedford, TxThis song is amazing when one is high as funk. I thought the first few notes were to Don't Fear the Reaper, but no! But! Andrew from Coquitlam, Bc, you're mistaking correlation (and really strained correlation using selective reasoning) as causation in your practice of BS numerology. Don't do math that would embarrass a first grader.
  • Jim from Pleasant Hill, CaThis song got to me even when I was 30ish, and it's harder to listen to every passing year. We poor mortals.
  • Paul from Redding, CaFor the last 35 or so years, I have had an ongoing love affair with music. I have taken nothing with me more important, or influential on my state of being. Rush is one of the bands that has always been there with me! They are awesome, and"Time stand still", is one of my favorite songs of all!
  • Wess from Moorhead, Mnmost amazing band i've ever heard. and i'm 46 lol. rock on rush !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Rufus from Wheeling, WvBest song off of Hold Your Fire, and those lyrics ("Summer's going fast, nights growing colder, children growing up, old friends growing older") are some of Peart's best. Live in the moment.
  • Austin from San Jose, CaNot sure if its true, but a lot of these lyrics can relate to sex.
    this song is almost a command for time to stop
  • Aidan from Boiling Springs, PaI've known this song since it's release in 1987, but I never knew Aimee Mann was the person who performed the "Time Stands Still" part of the song. I guess you do learn something new each day...
  • Steve from Philadelphia, PaThis is my all time FAV Rush song. The part where it says, " See more of the people and the places that surround me now" especially talks to me. Neil is such a great lyricist. This song literally transports me to a specific place in time. I love that about music!
  • Eric from Bend, OrI've been a fan of Rush since I was about 9 years old. I first bought a copy of their Hold Your Fire album in cassette form when I was 12 (1992). At that time, I was thinking about my transition from young childhood and getting older, and this song stuck out to me and helped me to look around and appreciate what it meant to be a young child.
  • Steve from Cullman, AlThe lines "I'm not looking back, but I want to look around me now" are in direct contrast to Anthem's "Keep on looking forward; no use in looking 'round" produced by a younger Rush.
  • Andrew from Coquitlam, BcI believe time stands still and 2112 are about the Mayan prediction of Dec 21, 2012, when time will supposedly cease to exist (May or may not happen). 2112 is 100 years later, d-uh!, and the 21 and 12 are mirror images of each other. If you do a lot of numerology, the numbers 11 and 12 come up again and again, like the 12th of never by jim nabors. Also Dec 21, 2012 1+2+2+1+2+1+2=11.

    9/11 9+1+1=11. 2001+11=2012!

    I was born May 16, 1974. 5+1+6=12!!! Then add 1+9+7+4=33 Break up 33 3+3=6x2=12!
  • Jaakko from Pudasjärvi, FinlandFor 3 days I've been thinking of what to say about this song and the only thing I came up with is that in my opinion it's the most beautiful song by Rush, gives me the chills each and every time. Something phenomenal right here.
  • Myra from Chicago, IlI personally think that this awesome, kick-ass song by Rush is about the regrets people have. That's why they're ordering for time to stand still and to "freeze this moment a little bit longer". FYI, my absolute favorite Rush song. RUSH ROCKS PERIOD!
  • Richard from Royal Palm Beach, FlThis song, like "Red Sector A", has the effect of extracting tears from me. My father passing, getting married, my children born and growing, it goes to the truly unique nature of RUSH and their music. I am grateful to the Lord that RUSH lives and creates such reflection in my soul. They express life in their music. The lyrics are timeless! If the world became catastrophe and RUSH's music was discovered in rubble 10,000 years from now, people would still be jamming to it, learning from it, enriching themselves with it!
  • Andy from Yakima, WaWhat I like about this song is that it sounds a little more like a pop song than most of Rush's stuff. They're obviously phenomenal musicians, but too often they feel compelled to prove it over and over again, to the detriment of the song. In this one they let the focus be on the song a bit more. (My answer to James' question is: Elvis Costello.)
  • Tony from Toledo, OhI had sex with this girl and it was so intense and satisfying that at one point if was as if "Time Stood Still"! Pretty Wild, huh? That is what I remember when I hear this song, eh?
  • Dave from Coal Valley, IlOne of my many favorites of Rush!
  • María José from Santiago, ChileThis song is totally atemporal. It has over 20 years and the meaning will be the same un 100 years more!
  • Steffan from Providence, RiGreat song. It sounds exactly like a cannabis trip to me.
  • Ian from Greensboro, Nci think that not only is this song about getting the most out of life, but also there are certain moments in life where it feels like you are in the most fun place u could be.and u just wish you could freeze time and look around or just enjoy the momment...
  • Justin from Montpelier, VtI use this quote whenever i sign a yearbook, it just seems so fitting. "summer's going fast, nights growing colder children growing up old friends growing older..."
  • Mike from Cheshire, CtThe older I get, the more relevant the song becomes. This song evokes a measure of sadness in me yes, but it also serves as a call to action to live life to its fullest and not take a single moment for granted.
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesIn answer to James, what about Rush themselves?? Aimee Mann has been more commercially successful than the band with whom she scored her first hit as a featured vocalist in 1987, but both have had critical acclaim and revilement in equal measure...
  • Manuel from Puerto Rico, United StatesIt's about living in the moment, not taking time to look back as Geddy says, and squeezing every moment for what it's worth.
  • Ty from Marion, InYea this song gives me a deep feeling of nostalgia when I listen to it too.
  • Jen from Freddy BeachFreeze this moment a little bit longer...
    I love the way this song is put together, like the lyrics. And i agree with Pete from toronto (two below)
  • Paul from Spring, TxReally powerful song, it always brings me a feeling of nostalgia. Gets me every time.
  • Pete from Toronto, CanadaSummer's going fast, nights growing colder
    Children growing up, old friends growing older

    that line makes me sad whenever I hear it, one of my favourite Rush songs
  • James from Westchester, EnglandHas anyone ever received more critical acclaim, with less commercial success, than Aimee Mann?

    (Probably. But still...)
  • Stephen from Camp Pendleton, CaIt's powerful because it's like he's ordering time to stand still. Like you say "Dog, sit."
  • Sam from Boise, IdThe opening guitar ditty and the guitar solo section of this song is in 7/4 time.
  • Keith from Shamokin, Pareally neat video. rush is really creative for there videos. also in mystic rythems too
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