Samba Pa Ti

Album: Abraxas (1970)
Charted: 27


  • Translated into English, the song title means, "Samba For You."
  • Carlos Santana told Mojo magazine November 2008 that he felt that this was his first recording when he was truly able to express himself. He explained: "I remember being alone one evening- until then when I heard my records it was like seeing myself in the mirror and there was no me there, only a lot of other guitarists' faces: B.B., George Benson, Peter Green. That evening I heard Samba Pa Ti on the radio and I looked in the mirror and it was my face, my tone, my fingerprints, my identity, my uniqueness. Because when I recorded it I was thinking of nothing, it was just pure feeling. I have a suspicion it came from stuff bottled up inside me, that I didn't know how to express or articulate. I get angry because, 'Why can't I say what I really mean?' Then Samba Pa To comes out of me. And everybody understands it."
  • This was Santana's first entry in the UK singles chart, even though neither Santana nor their label deemed it single material when Abraxas was first released. However in 1974 it finally became available as a 45, as part of the UK promotion for a Santana greatest hits compilation.
  • Puerto Rican singer-guitarist Jose Feliciano covered this song with added lyrics in 1982.
  • This was one of the tunes included in English author Nick Hornby's 31 Songs, a collection of essays about various songs that carried particular emotional resonance for him.

Comments: 14

  • Michael William Squglio from Reedsport Oregon I put lyrics to this song that I played on guitar and sang while my fiancee walked down the isle towards me at our wedding. No other song even comes close to how much I love Samba Pa Ti.
  • Scott D Baker from Sunshine StateHave been to this amazing artist concerts. During stage 4 chemo therapy 49 liters in 4 months.Samb Pa Ti song was my soul feelings inside and with God helping me .9 years later God Bless Santana
  • Álvaro Martín Gómez from Bucaramanga, ColombiaMany people think that José Feliciano was the first that recorded the lyrics for "Samba Pa' Ti", and that's a mistake. The tune, with the same lyrics, was first recorded in 1976 by Argentinean vocal trio Santa Bárbara Superstar. Argentinean singer, songwriter and music promoter Leonardo Schultz wrote the lyrics.
  • Agnello Noel from MumbaiSo why aren't the lyrics here? Non-english ain't good enough for you?
  • Jimmy from California Section from Carlos Santana's Book page (240) " I was going to call it "For Every Step, Freedom from Within" but CHEPITO was the one who came up with the name on the spot: " Eh, Carlos-Call it 'Samba Pa Ti'."
  • Michael from UsSamba Pa Ti - my absolute favorite by Santana, a group I saw for the first time when I was 14, at the 3 day West Palm Beach Rock and Roll Festival.
  • Jorge from Bronx, NyIn most parties I attended ,,this tune was the intermission song,Besides Oye como Va,and a few from his Zebob album,great tunes for parties!
  • Maggie from Hobart, InThis song elevates you, your mind, body & soul to a whole'nother level... and puts you right there with Carlos' soul. It is pure Carlos Santana's unmistakeble style. This song is truly a Timeless Classic!!!!! Never get tired of hearing it...
  • Jeffrey from Rosemead, CaThis song elevates humankind and is a true - "MASTERPIECE"
  • Mari from Austin, TxThis song was our Wedding March when my husband and I got married.
    One weekend in our small apt. we shared, he began playing his CD's and he heard this song as he was playing video games. He turned and looked at me and said, "I want you to walk down the aisle to me while this song is playing"

    I still remember his face at the end of the aisle when I hear this song...even 11 years later.

  • Linda from Lakeland, Flby the first three notes of this - you KNOW it's Carlos & you KNOW it's Samba Pa Ti. I agree w/everything everyone's written here about this song. And Mike, from Crestview, FL.....? we think alot alike.....SambaPaTi's on my list of what will be played at my funeral here in Lakeland, FL!!!!

    Ahhhh.....thank GOD for Santana!!!
  • Jibri from Muskegon, MiI hope the analytics don't intrude on this one. STAY AWAY AND LET THIS SONG BE!! "BEWARE OF DOGS!!"
  • Mike from Crestview, FlBEAUTIFUL SONG!! My favorite of anybody/anywhere/anytime! Been a fan of Carlos since Woodstock, I was there, magnificent performance there and all the 12 concerts I've participated in!
    Samba Pa Ti will be played at my funeral as will other Santana music.
  • Denise from Lapuente, Cathis song is one pretty song I've liked it since
    I was 12 yrs old and I wont tell how old I am
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