Song Of The Wind

Album: Caravanserai (1972)


  • According to the Simon Leng biography Soul Sacrifice, "Song Of The Wind" is "one of the finest Santana recordings. This guitar duet between Santana and Schon created a style of guitar playing and music that was unknown before, except perhaps in the work of Gabor Szabo, whose approach it recalls in spirit."
  • Co-written by keyboard player, Greg Rolie, a very young Neal Schon, and the man himself, this beautiful instrumental runs to 6 minutes 3 seconds and is sandwiched between "Just In Time To See The Sun" and "All The Love Of The Universe" on the 1972 Caravanserai album. Although not as well known as "Samba Pa Ti" or "Europa", this is one of the finest tracks Carlos has created in his long career. >>
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  • Johannes from NetherlandsTough to decide which guitarist is which. In an interview, I read Neal Schön started and finished, with Carlos Santana taking up the middle stint. I have listened very carefully and it is not easy to decide, as the sounds each use are pretty much identical. My estimation is that Schön finishes between 1:50 and 2:00 and starts again in the last minute. The more charged middle section sounds like vintage Carlos. Neal is up there, though. by the way, Caravanserai is my favourite Santana album, by far, and one of my favourite albums per se. Why is there not an expanded collector's edition, like for e.g. Miles Davis' Bitches Brew?
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