Album: Santana III (1971)


  • The title refers to the narrator longing for the girl of his dreams, but he is afraid to make the first move for fear of losing her.
  • The song was pieced together from 3 different takes. The intro and ending were done at the same time, and the middle section was done last. There is a very rough edit at the end of Santana's final guitar solo, and drummer Mike Shrieve botches his drum part in the intro.
  • The album was recorded during a tumultuous period for the band in which they temporarily split up after the album's tour was over. Guitarist Neal Schon and keyboardist/singer Gregg Rolie would leave the band to form Journey.
  • "Taboo" is never sung in the lyrics. >>
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  • Lester from New York City, NyFirst three Journey albums (pre Steve Perry) are rock-fusion albums. Seems Greg and Neal wanted to get somewhat jazzy themselves. The third album, 'Next' is spectacular.
  • Michael from Sacramento, CaThe final guitar solo is played by Neal Schon. Neal gets just about half of the guitar solo space on this album, including the solo on Everybody's Everything.
  • Michael from Chicago, IlYes, the item about the song being performed during a band dispute is true: Carlos wanted to go in a more jazzy direction than Greg and Neal. Also, a lot of people don't know that the bassist (who often seems to be the first instrument you hear on the first SANTANA albums, was David Brown, a cousin of Sly Stone.
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