Safe to Say I've Had Enough

Album: Seether: 2002-2013 (2013)


  • This is one of two new tracks (the other is "Weak") recorded by Seether for their greatest hits double album, Seether: 2002-2013. The song was produced by legendary studio master Brendan O'Brien in Los Angeles earlier in 2013. Bassist Dale Stewart told Loudwire: "That was actually one of the first new songs that we did when we decided on doing the greatest hits and decided that we wanted to give the fans a little something extra. We decided to rope in Brendan O'Brien and get back into the studio with a couple of new songs and that was one of the first ideas that Shaun [Morgan] brought into the studio and it was just kind of everything we thought that it needed to be. It was kind of heavy but still had that sort of melodic thing about it. I don't know, it just worked."

    "It was one of those songs that didn't require that much effort.," added Stewart. "If you have to think about it or work on a song too much then it often not a good sign. If the basis of the song is there and it is good and it works and it is just the case of polishing it up and making it as good as it can be then it is relatively an easy process. Those are often my favorite songs and I think some of the best songs."


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