Revelation Road

Album: Revelation Road (2011)


  • "Revelation Road" is the title track from Shelby Lynne's 2011 album. The singer believes in keeping history in the past, but with this song she looks to the future, to life after death. Lynne doesn't know where we're going or when we'll get there, but we're all on the same "revelation road." She sings, "We all stand alone, barefoot in the gravel, man, on Revelation Road." (Here's our 2012 Shelby Lynne interview.)
  • Speaking with FaceCulture in 2012, Lynne said of this song, "For me, it means no matter what your religion or your beliefs or your lifestyle, how you choose to live your life, we as individuals are hopefully headed to the same place. But in the end we're in it as one individual. You're kinda on your own."


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