Into The Light

Album: All Because Of You (2017)


  • Simon Kirke is best known as the drummer for Bad Company. In 2011, he released a solo album called Filling The Void, where he confronted a lifetime of addiction. On his 2017 album All Because Of You, he is recovering, looking back on what nearly killed him in the song "Into The Light."

    "That's me in dealing with addiction," he said in a 2017 Songfacts interview. "I've been in and out of the program. I'm honest enough to say that I'm not 100 percent sober. I try not to drink. Drink was my drug of choice. It's better if I don't drink. But I stay away from hard drugs and I haven't done hard drugs in 20 years."
  • Kirke has played this song at Road Recovery, a program that helps young people with substance abuse problems channel their energy into music and other creative pursuits. On one of the sampler albums the organization released to raise money, Kirke recorded the song with an alumni of the program who rapped on the second verse.


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