Album: Still Not Getting Any (2004)


  • Simple Plan is five working-class guys from Montreal who got a taste of the Hollywood celebrity life when their debut album, No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls, took off in 2003. They were able to get in magazines and on MTV the way they were, but many others - including a lot of their fans - took extreme measures to reach certain ideals demanded of this culture. The first verse deals with young women who think they need to look a certain way and will even undergo surgery to do it. The song goes on to look at the root cause of the problem: society in general, with families falling apart and a lust for the almighty dollar. It is indeed crazy.
  • This was the fourth single from the group's second album, Still Not Getting Any. All of the tracks, including "Crazy," were written by lead singer Pierre Bouvier and drummer Chuck Comeau.
  • The video was directed by Marc Klasfeld, who also did the band's acclaimed video for "Untitled (How Could This Happen To Me)." Among the images we see are a homeless man, a veteran suffering from mental illness, and a woman who looks just fine preparing for plastic surgery.
  • With the line, "Photoshoped pictures in magazines," this was one of the first songs to mention the image editing software Photoshop, which is used to make people look much better in photos than they do in real life - a problem if you're trying to look like them.

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  • Alex Burns from London Canada Is everybody going Crazy that song like everywhere you go if you see something bad can anybody tell me what's going on in downtown some people going Crazy downtown a lot.
  • Katie from Philadelphia, PaSimple Plan is the GREATEST BAND EVER!!!! This song sends a good message to people about what the world is coming to now.
  • Sarah from San Luis Obispo, CaNot only is this song about girls trying to look good; its about what the world's turning to.
    People are careless, and while others are "starving in the street" as they say, the wealthy people are just enjoying their luxuries.
    Society is corrupt, and we all know it. Girls are waaay too sensitive about their appearance. They just need to be who they are inside... I, as a girl, hate having to look at all these girls around me practically starving themselves to be skinny.
    Adults arent any help either. They make wrong choices in their marriage, and because of that, their children suffer when the parents get divorced. I have experience in this area, as I'm still getting over my parents' recent divorce.
    Basically, he's saying "Help me! I cant stand living in this crazy world!"
  • Sebas from Auckland, New ZealandI love this song so much, And I get what they mean by the word "Crazy" this world Is becoming Insane and Crazy and no one seems to care...
    This song rocks and has an Important message to spread... Thanx SP
  • Karen from Hasstingsquare, United StatesI love simple plan! This sonegs shows whats going on in da world. Like girls trying to be perfect, and family esuis and poor peolple
  • Masha from Belgrade, OtherI love this song soooooooooooo much
  • Matthew from Calgaryi played this song for my girlfriend when her mom and dad split. it helped her a little... great song
  • Ollie from London, Englandi love simple plan. im so sad when people mention sp concerts cuz my mate was gunna buy the tickets but the stupid one (lu) was too slow n they sold out :'( ... great song!!
  • Kelsi from Ionia, MiThis band is amazing.......they have awsome vocals....and the lyrics are good....keep rockin' <3
  • Eric Cartman from What, United Statesthis song has a very good point to it and i think that everyone should open their eyes and see whats going on in the world today
  • Beans from Philadelphia, PaI love this song and sp rocks!! i wish they would make another cd. :p
  • Shannon Mulvany from Spokane, WaI love these guys. At first I thought they broke up, but they're just taking a break right now, for anyone who's wondering.
  • Mszacefron from Chicago, IlThis song is soooo's similar to pinks song stupid girls...but it's amazing..i love how much in the media recently there has been a protest about how girls are so thin and's gr8
  • Bethann from Yorkshire , NyThis song is not only about Girls...It is also about how familys are starting to have problems getting along, and simple plan asks y there is kids starving in the streets while big bad greedy rich guys r driving around in their nice brand new SUVs. Simple Plan is the best band when it comes to relating to kids problems...I would say. They understand(or try hard to understand)wat kids r goin through today. Hope y'all understand.
  • Amy from --, CanadaYeah, it's awesome, very awesome. Simple Plan is awesome, so there ya go. Girls who'd do anything to look a certain way, the fact that rich people don't care that there are people living in poverty right in front of them, and the whole parents fighting thing. Yeah, good message, and it still rocks!
  • Caitlin from Murrieta, CaThis song also talks about how they're so many adults/parents who are getting divorced and how bad it affects us kids to get raised by single parents or who have to deal with the constant fighting between, thats my favorite part of it because I have to deal with my parents and the constant threat of divorce getting tossed back and forth between the two of them.
  • Samantha from Wantagh, Nythis is a great song. it shows what the world is like today with all the crazy things going on
  • Melissa from My PlaceI love this song so musch. It gives a really good message. It's awesome!
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