Gotta Get It Right

Album: Modern Vintage (2014)
  • This was released as the first single from Sixx: A.M.'s third album Modern Vintage. Guitarist DJ Ashba explained the record's title to Artist Direct: "Modern Vintage is very much what it is," he said. "It's all of our favorite bands that influenced us like Queen and those types of bands from the seventies. We're taking elements of the ragtime and disco stuff, sonically, and putting more of a modern production and modern twist on them."

    "When we finished the album, the name came up because we were trying to describe what we had created with this album because we knew it was very special," Ashba continued. "Once the name came up, we knew there was no better name to describe this record."
  • Drummer Jeff Fabb (Black Label Society, In This Moment) joined vocalist James Michael, guitarist DJ Ashba and bassist Nikki Sixx on Modern Vintage. Ashba said the long player marked the first time Sixx: A.M. had used a live drummer on one of its discs, having previously relied solely on programmed drums while in the recording studio. "It was the first album where we actually felt it was important to capture that big album vibe we were going after," he explained. "To bring in a live drummer, it really made a huge difference, you know; it gave the whole entire album and songs a new breath of fresh air, which was really cool."


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