Let's Go

Album: Modern Vintage (2014)


  • Sixx: A.M.'s songs start in different ways. Sometimes vocalist James Michael will come up with a melody, or guitarist DJ Ashba and bassist Nikki Sixx will come up with a riff or chord pattern. DJ Ashba explained to Artist Direct: "Every song we've ever done just starts off with us literally picking up a couple of acoustics, strumming out some chords, and James will sing a beautiful melody. When we write songs from a musical standpoint, we get basic chord rhythms going, and we get the melody. The melody is the number one most important thing to all of us because we're all songwriters."

    "Once we know we're locked into such a sick melody, then, almost the last thing I worry about when writing a song is the guitar parts," Ashba added. "No matter how awesome the guitars are, if you strip any song down, it usually boils down to three or four basic chords underneath the whole. And just a solid melody. We focus on the understructure of what makes a great song."

    "The last thing I usually do when it comes to writing, once a song's in place, is add in all the cool riffs around the vocals," he continued. "It's super important for me to add to the song and not step on it. If the guitars call for it, you add a really ripping solo. All of those things are determined once the song is in place. Sometimes, a riff will inspire a song as in the case of 'Let's Go.' It's always different."
  • The lyric reflects Nikki Sixx' ongoing recovery from heroin addiction. He explained to Billboard magazine: "Lyrically it really ties back to the first two records. It's a song that kind of says, 'Hey, let's get up and get out of our own way. Let's go. Let's go through the darkness. We can make this. We can do this.'"


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