Album: Modern Vintage (2014)


  • The origins of this song lie in a conversation the band had about '70s guilty pleasures. "I remember we were outside at my house, sitting in a circle on this patio with guitars," Nikki Sixx recalled to Billboard magazine. "Conversation came up like, 'Let's make a record that everybody might laugh at. Let's talk about that.' And we all started talking about pulling from all this music that people wouldn't expect."

    "Nobody wants to say they listen to the Bee Gees or ABBA," he continued. "Nobody wants to say that in a rock band, but let's face it: That is stellar songwriting. That is so defined, and we like so much music, but we were talking about the '70s in that conversation and I had been listening to a lot of the Bee Gees, and the guys started talking about stuff they liked about that genre, which was kind of a disco genre, and two songs came out. One is a bonus track called 'So Beautiful, Let It Haunt You' and one's called 'Miracle.'"

    "When 'Miracle' first started you could listen to the original ideas -- just guitar, a little tiny loop, James kind of singing this melody line on the bass," Sixx added. "This does not sound like something our fans are going to understand. But we kept pushing on the idea. The core idea was how great those songs were, and we started figuring out why they were great."


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