Feed The Mantaray

Album: Are You Satisfied? (2015)
  • Slaves guitarist Laurie Vincent explained to Digital Spy that the quirky lyricism of the songs on Are You Satisfied? reflect their state of mind at the time of writing. "I think all of our songs have meaning. I find they're quite like therapy," he mused. "When we look back at writing the album and you look at the lyrics, I can really tell where our heads were at when we were writing it. A lot of confusion and a lot of surreal - songs like 'Wow!!!7AM' are just a bit weird."

    "'Feed the Mantaray's definitely a reflection of how strange we all found it," he continued. "It's surreal, isn't it? It's a portrait of that."

    "As far as the lyric goes, we had all the other lyrics and then there was no hook and I walked out to go and get some food and I came back and they'd recorded, 'Feed the Mantaray' over it and then I went, 'It's always the mantaray,'" Vincent added. "Then we were going to change the words to fit because sometimes you write a melody first. And then we never changed it and I was like, 'That's so stupid.'"
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