Love Sick

Album: Bitter Rivals (2013)


  • This was the last song Sleigh Bells recorded for Bitter Rivals. Guitarist Derek Miller told NME: "By the end there's just this mess of emotion and ideas. Not disaster, but the lyric just flips last second at the end. 'There's a heart in my chest where a hole used to be. There's a hole in my chest where a heart used' And then it's like 'I'm sending gummy bears to the electric chair,' which is so ridiculous, it's gotta be the most ridiculous lyric ever written and I love it. I love it. I remember we were like, 'Can we do this? Can you sing this? Can you sing this and get away with this?' You know, the jury's out. But for me, I was like 'cool, the record's done.' You know what I mean with that? You know, 'Bitter Rivals' and then of course 'Minnie' and 'Sing Like a Wire' and then you know it starts to shift on 'Young Legends' but then I feel like, yeah it just turns into something very different by the second half."

    "It was an inspired moment," continued Miller, "it happened very quickly. That song has immediacy and sounds very inspired to me. And that's where we were at. We were at the end of the record, and you're supposed to be tapped out. But we're still on our toes, and I was like my first thought was like 'How am I going to get through a year without making another record.' But that was a good feeling, we just finished and I'm already dying. That song, it was like, it feels like we can go anywhere from here. I feel like we can go anywhere from here."


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