Before I Forget

Album: Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses) (2004)
Charted: 35


  • The guitar riffs for this song are based on an early song called "Carve" that featured on Slipknot's unreleased album Crowz. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Jackson - Nottingham, England
  • Corey Taylor's lyrics are open to interpretation, which is how he likes it. This song deals with evolution and the nature of man.
  • In 2006, this won a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance. This was Slipknot's first Grammy - they were nominated for the award six years in a row before finally winning.
  • The beeping at the end of the song is Morse code, which spells out the word "Slipknot."
  • Slipknot rarely appear without their masks, but they do in this video, although only tight shots of their faces are seen. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Donovan Berry - El Dorado, AR, for above 3
  • Corey Taylor explains the loop at the end of the song in his book A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven: "Another ghost got into the machine in the control room one night as we were making a rough mix of 'Vermilion' - it started looping a section of a verse, so we hit 'record' and began making a remix of that loop. You can actually hear it on the album: it is in between 'Before I Forget' and 'Vermilion pt. 2.'" >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Ryu - Tokyo, Japan

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  • Ryu from Tokyo, JapanCorey Taylor explains loop between "Before I Forget" and "Vermilion Pt. 2" in his book "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Heaven":

    Another ghost got into the machine in the control room one night as we were making a rough mix of "Vermilion"—it started looping a section of a verse, so we hit "record" and began making a remix of that loop. You can actually hear it on the album: it is in between "Before I Forget" and "Vermilion pt. 2."
  • Seth from Ingleside, Txto me the song is about (i think this about most slipknot songs and not in a bad way) is about nothing, just stuff mixed together but makin it sound awesome
  • Luke from Manchester, United KingdomRahul, this song does not have screaming from the start.
    Corey sings it and screams at the end.
  • Devon from Lake Worth, FlI agree with Anthony from Cape May, NJ; this song is very good for gaming. SLIPKNOT FTW!!!
  • Chris from Canberra, AustraliaOh it's the Morse code spelling slipknot lol, wondering what the f--k that was for ages.
  • Rahul from Chennai, Indiathe starting riff is too cool... and i don't care what this song means.... he's screaming frm the start.... so i don't understand anything anyway.... but this song gets me high....
  • Victoria from Chicago, IlI like Travis's comment more than anything, cause i would just hate to get rid of it (along with some others) for denying God's existence
  • Smile from Norwood,i think this song is also bout how all humans are technically animals and when it comes down to it thats all anyone is
  • Drew from Knoxville, Tnok before i forget is about the band and they are just thanking their fans
  • Tanner from Breandon, FlAgreed, travis does have a good point.
  • Ian from Chilli, Ohtravis, very good point.
  • Travis from Upton, KyPersonally, I think this song is about remembering your roots. " I, was a creature before i could stand." I think this is a metaphor representing that they were once just ordinary people. Now they're rockstars, and they dont want to forget how hard they've worked to get here.
  • Anthony from Cape May, NjVery viscious song, great beat, good for gaming
  • Tony from St Clair Shores, MiWell if you coulda said all that, throw in some of it too then.
  • Daniel from Dayton, Txi could have told you all this, you guys are idots
  • Krystal from New South Wales, Australiafreaking awesome song!!! love it to bits
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