Album: Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses (2004)
Charted: 15
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  • Duality is the quality or character of being twofold; dichotomy. In this song, the singer hurts himself to relieve his pain, which shows that he will not let anyone rule him or destroy him. >>
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    alisha - springcreek, PA
  • Lead singer Corey Taylor: "Did you ever get that headache that is just not going to go away, and you end up sticking your thumb and your middle fingers so far into your eyes just to stop the pain? It usually has to do with making a choice. you get to that point in everyday life that you have to make a decision that you may not want to, but your kind of pushed into making that decision." >>
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    Mallory - Vineland, NJ
  • The video was shot in Iowa and featured a large group of Slipknot fans. Drummer Chris Fehn explains: "They had an audition I think at some hotel in Des Moines, and the kids lined up. It was funny, because there were people that totally weren't into the band but just wanted to go down there and see if they could get into the video and stuff. And they're like, 'No, dude, get outta here.' But that was cool. I guess some kids flew in from Europe and got in the video." (Check out our interview with Chris Fehn.)
  • This was released as the first single from Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses). The album contains almost zero profanity as a response to critics who said Corey Taylor relied on swearing in his lyrics.

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  • Thomas from CanadaI just think of migraines whenever I hear this song.
  • Courtney from Oob MeHad to find a place that would let me share a comment on this here song because there are some things about myself that I keep hidden and when opportunities arise the tell I usually will take it. I have never told a soul that I fish my eyes, It Is I believe a medical condition in the form of Self mutilation. Usually when I get overwhelmed or stressed I will do it all night repeatively sometimes for 8 hours I’n the morning my eyes are red swollen and glued shut I’ve had to go to work before like this my co workers Thought I had pink eye and sent me home. ( its when you fish inside your eyes for clear goo and fish it out which causes your eyes to make more. the goo will eventually turn yellow and if I’ve gone all night then green meaning infection) It’s disgusting and weird yes I know but sometimes I don’t care and I’ll Allow myself to do it.. I’ve struggled with this since I was 13 years old and I’m 35 so I’m lucky to have my eyes and good vision.. Hearing this song I thought for sure he might be meaning fishing it hits on point.. Thanks for hearing me out and my fav Slipknot song is Snuff (Raw emotions are easy to feel)
  • Dude from Mom’s BasementMan dude this song is such a banger, it’s got a really sweet sound. I love every part.
  • Alex from Essington Pennsylvania Corey Taylor is a f--king Genius and so f--king relatable to what the meaning behind the song is
  • Benton Fraser from Toronto, OnI used to cut my arm. It ain't "emo" or whatever narrow-minded people think. I was court ordered into a mental hospital.
  • Zack from Noblesville, InThe Complexness of the band is extraordinary THEY F***ING RULE.
  • Patrick from Ottawa, OnI love how they can be so diverse in their stuff! Listen to this and then listen to Dead Memories and you'll see what I mean!
  • Livvie from Fresno, Cacorey taylor is a genius hahah!
  • Jo from Huntly, New ZealandThis is a great song. I have this song along with Eyeless and Vermilion on Singstar. Rock on!
  • Becky from Portland, Orlove this song(: and like every other slipknot song. Maggot for life!! :D
  • Rahul from Chennai, Indiai think this is the only good slipknot song...this band is overrated..well dont get pissed off
    tats wat ithink
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandJ.Jackson, cutting yourself isn't "emo", anyone can cut themselves, not just emo kids so cut that s--t out before you look stupid.
  • Avery from Bucksport, MeDuality was probably the first song i liked by slipknot! but once i got more into them i got real interested in more...faster songs like Heretic Anthem, Spit it Out etc. But this song is extreme! And Corey is awesome i dont get how he can juggle two bands at once and Joey Jordison is probably one of the best drummers of all time!
  • J from Jackson, GaOk, while I think things emo things like cutting yourself or sticking your fingers into your eyes are completely stupid and a waste of time, i like this song
  • Jerimias from Nuuk, GreenlandI love this song!
    I actually used to push my fingers into my eyes, when I had a headache. The ache would disappear for a while, but it always came back.
    Stay Sic!
  • Alex from Hillsboro, Orwanna chat alexlv140506@yahoo.com
  • Alex from Hillsboro, Orslipknot kicks ass, anyone who dosnt like them can go f*** themselves
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandActually, the "death of slipknot" is when they split up for good", this new found melody is the new life of the band.
  • Jordan from Brantford, Canadawow I connect to this song I love it this is how I usually feel
  • Mike from Petersham, MaI love this song. When they do it live i love how Corey sings the intro. This song is so sick!
  • Dev from Somewhere, CoTaylor - Slipknot does not only yell about death as loud as they can. Look at the lyrics. Also, if you listen to Danger: Keep Away or Circle, off the Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses album... there is no screaming in these songs. Really, though, pay attention to lyrics. They give a huge shoutout to fans in Pulse of the Maggots and describe intense relationships and desires in The Nameless. These guys have incredible talent and make music that many people enjoy. Save your posts for something worthwhile.
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